Genshin impact s Newest Spectral Secrets Event in Version 2.1 is already in progress and offers players the opportunity not only materials, but also a large amount of primogems. Against this background, we will explain to you now as you start the new event and give you some tips so you can get all the rewards.

How to start the Spectral Secrets Event in Genhin Impact

To trigger the event, you only have to go to the headquarters of the adventurous energy in Inazuma and talk to the receptionist Katheryne. As soon as you have done this, it will reveal the details of a new danger that is directly related to the number of ghosts emerging in Inazuma. After talking to it and agreed to participate in the investigation, you will be forwarded to the menu listed below. On him, you can send your companions to a number of event-exclusive expeditions that offer all Primogems and materials as a reward. In addition to the normal expeditions offered exclusively as part of the events, you can also participate in a special examination in which you have to examine a specific area to request its rewards (20 Primogems).

Spectral Secrets New Event Day 1 Gameplay Guide - Genshin Impact 2.1
To send your characters into the expeditions and ensure that you can use all available rewards, we recommend that you follow the guidelines available on each expedition to maximize your chances. Since many players who are currently busy with the game have the time, luck or resources to get the most part of the occupation of the game, the event also allows players to ask the characters of their friends, with the To help expeditions. So do not be shy and use the function as needed in full.

Genshin-impact is currently available for PC, via the official launcher of Mihoyo and the Epic Games Store, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and on mobile devices – Android and iOS -. So, what are you waiting for, take part in the current Spectral Secrets event of Genshin Impact and secure the new free Primogeme.

Genshin impact is now available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices.