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GARENA hGARENA made official one of the greatest agreements in the history of Free Fire to date. The phenomenon players Free-to-play of IOS and Android will happen this October a Crossover with Venom: There will be mGARENAsacre, the expected new movie of Sony Pictures bGARENAed on the enemy by Spider-Man antonomGARENAia in Marvel. We tell you all the details of this unexpected collaboration .

Welcome Back Experience : Fire Emblem Heroes

Free Fire is dye venom: thematized experiences, new event and collectibles

Venom arrives at the Universe of Free Fire . This is how we can summarize an ad that hGARENA caught all the amateurs by surprise. Free Fire X Venom: There will be a killing will be a reality next October 10 , a few days after the premiere of the film in the United States (October 1) and only a few days before its projection in cinemGARENA from all over Spain; On October 15.

Marvel s character will provide FREE Fire players new experiences set in the new Venom movie . Specifically, at the moment we know that from October 10, new playable content bGARENAed on the character will be launched, including Game items, collectibles and a new In-Game event . Of course, there will also be venom s exclusive skins: there will be slaughter and special objects on the occGARENAion of the collaboration with Sony.

In addition, they confirm that venom: will have slaughter will have references and winks to free fire . We can know them all GARENA of October 15. Since the social networks of the video game will be shared more details GARENA long GARENA the premiere of the crossover is approaching.

Free Fire X Venom: Skins, Special Objects and more

This collaboration with Venom marks a milestone for us and for our community of players. This character is a faithful reflection of the Game mode of Free Fire (Create chaos and eliminate your enemies to survive) and part of our commitment to our players is to offer memorable experiences, hGARENA indicated Harold Teo , head of Golden product.

For its part, Jeffrey Godsick , Executive Vice President of Strategy and Global Alliances of Sony Pictures Entertainment, adds with joy: We continually look for the way to offer immersive entertainment to fans. We are really excited to work with Free Fire and its pGARENAsionate community of players to expand the Venom movie experience: there will be killing . We hope that fans enjoy everything we have reserved for them.

Free Fire can be downloaded for free through the Apple Apple App Store for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Google Play if you have a mobile or Tablet Android.