There are total bayelis letters in Free Fire. Thirty of these are passive, ten are active, and there are no special qualifications in two.

DJ Alok is a famous active Character, and the latest addition in the pool of characters in the Thiva Free Fire. This article compares the capabilities of these two characters and Wolfrah, a low passive Character, to determine which is the best in pursuing ranks in free fire.

DJ Alok

DJ Alok s ability, Healing Hartbeat, has 45 seconds cooled time, which remains the same at all levels. Their abilities allow players to create 5 meter treatment aura, which collects 5 HP for 5 seconds. It boosts the speed and racer speed up to 10%.


Wolfrahah has a passive potential called Limelite. The ability to reduce damage taken by headshots with each additional viewer (up to 25%). Players can harm enemies to more damage to 3% (up to 15%).


The passive capacity of the Thava, important Vibes, is useful in case of squad matches. This helps to increase the help-up speed up to 5%. If the team s partner is successfully retrieved, the user will recover 15 HP in 5 seconds.

Note: All capabilities are at the minimum level of characters. Players can flatten them to make their characters more powerful.

Which Free Fire Character for Rank Pushers is Better?

Being an active character, DJ is quite powerful than the Alok Thiva and Wolfah. DJ helps to increase the sprinting speed of Alok players so that they can survive quickly and help to fix their health.

Theworthy is not useful for single matches because its full potential revolves around to revive a fallen partner. Wolfrah also requires at least one additional viewer to unlock its real potential.

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Disclaimer: A Character s choice is a personal decision. Prioritizing one to another is completely dependent on anyone s game style.

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