Fire Emblem Heroes - Mythic Hero (Ótr: Kingsbrother)
Free Fire Fans are for a treatment today, because not only free Fire OB 30 updates will be released, but also long-awaited free fire Max.

Developers have released patch notes, and new changes have been brought to the game to provide a balanced gameplay experience. However, the user can enjoy playing games only after maintenance.

Free Fire OB30 Update Best Features

Replay Systems

Replay System is one of the most attractive features added in Free Fire OB30 Update. It will be available on selected devices and will appear on the profile page. Players have the option to save the replay by tapping the recording icon.

New 6V6 Conflict Squad

A new 6V6 clash squad mode has been added to free fire and it is only available for custom room matches. This will provide a refreshing overall experience.

Changes in Training Ground

A minor but significant changes have been made in the training ground in Free Fire OB30 update. Changes in the layout on the Combat Zone becomes easy to train their skills.

Character Adjustment

In the previous update, Garena has made a lot of changes in the capabilities of Character to offer a balanced gameplay. There are three characters nerfs in OB30 updates: Chrono, Vukong, and Andrew The Fears have been closed. On the other hand, Shirou got a fond.

New Treatment Sniper and Attachment

Treatment Sniper Battle is a new shotgun available in Royal Mode. This treatment works like a gun, i.e. it will damage the opponent and can be used to fix them on the team s colleagues. In addition, there are two new attachments in West Thicner and West HP Booster Updates, which help players upgrade their armor.

required APK file size

The size of the required APK file is approximately 50 MB and users will need more OBB file. The size of the update on Google Play Store is 424 MB.

Play Store Link

Once the developers released the patch, the player will be able to download it directly through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Links for both are given below:

Free Fire on Google Play Store: Click here

Free Fire on Apple App Store: Click here

Maintenance End Time

Maintenance is already running and the server will be offline for the period outlined:

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Start time: 28 September 8:30 IST (GMT +5: 30)

Last Time: 28 September 17:40 IST (GMT +5: 30)

Edited by Siddhartha Satish

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