Horizon Forbidden West will be issued on February 18, 2022, officially opened yesterday (27) day public protagonist Arui s role art design and details, watched her in the continuation Growth transformation.

The Narrative Narrative Director of Guerrilla indicates that Yadai s most irrelevant person in the world, a humble person, has become a crucial person. This is not just because she has become the most powerful machine hunter, but because she found himself to understand the past and the key character of saving its future.

But the task of Yadai is only halfway in Skyline is expected to be dawn , Ben then said: The old threat is solved, and the new followers will come one after another. A weird red fuacey is killing this land. So, between the two Arui roles separated by six months, she always shoulder the mission, and strive to find a way to stop this dark spread.

Ya Luo has been in the past. Although she has made many friends in the adventure journey, she still feels that she is like an outsider – she doesn t have a real home. With the mysterious border in the Western Region, all aspects of her personality will have more deep explorations.

Yadai got high recognition with a wavy roller and agile warrior. In this regard, Guerrilla s Chief Role Artist Bastien Ramisse shows the team in designing her shape, the cost of clothing is that the action is elegant and smooth, avoiding heavy and un practical.

We are also eager to explore and expand the identity and culture of the tribes. Utaru tribes in the Skyline expecting dawn , will have more heavy weights in the horizon western region , including updated design, more Dress dress, and use a richer material to create a practical clothing suitable for their daily activities, environmental and class diversity.

With the introduction of the next generation host PS5, the development team can also add a more dense polygon to the role model, create exquisite details such as fluff and smooth contours on peaches, more accurate material, and also increase the number of osteoarthrosis The vivid face expression makes the character more convincing and presence.

Bastien pointed out that although the team focused on the development of the horizon western region PS5 version, it does not represent a compromise to the PS4 version. In fact, we are also working on both platforms to develop and test Arui roles, as a Arui role studio, ensuring that PS4 players can get the same immersion experience.

Finally, clothing provides a variety of protection effects in the front work, and in the Skyline Western Region system, clothing has added a skill effect, allowing players to strengthen the capabilities in different ways, and through skills Tree optimizes these skills. Future official will also reveal the related Arui roleplay.