Garena finally released the latest major updates of Free Fire, OB 30, September 28. Before returning with many new changes and additions went on the break of maintenance for hours.

Adjusting four characters through the OB30 update of Free Fire. The downgraded characters include Crono, Vukong and Avkade Andrew, while Shirou got a fond.

These new changes have also influenced the rankings of the characters in terms of in-game pressure.

Characters in Free Fire: The best option in the game after the latest updates

1) DJ Alok

Despite many updates, Alok is unchanged free Fire, and therefore, its performance has been consistent for a long time. DJ plays full team support in Alok Free Fire because it provides an increase of 10% in the agility of the team s companions.

In addition to the increased collaborative speed, the player can also get HP benefits at the rate of 5 per second with Alok Drop The Beat. At the beginning of their capacity, there is a period of five seconds, which can be further enhanced for 10 seconds.

2) Jota

The recipient of adjusting through Jota was OB29 update, which improved significantly in their performance. When the player successfully kills opponents using firearms, their capacity continuous raid becomes automatically activated. The goal will receive some HP for each hit jota, while a good knockdown provides 10% profit.

Due to its HP benefit capabilities, Jota becomes a good option for a balanced gameplay strategy.

3) Dimitri

One of the latest additions in Free Fire Line-Up, Dmitry was initially a decent character. His ability, Healing Heartbeat has ensured that he remained a skilled demonstrator in the game.

With a period of 85 second CDs and 10 seconds, healing creates a healing zone with 3.5 diameter for Heartbeat and HP recovery. Everyone who lives inside the healing zone gets recovery at the rate of 3 HP / Second.

Apart from this, players or colleagues are knocked, they can fix themselves using the same area.

4) (Captain Baih)

K, popularly known as Captain Biamah, is another balanced character that claims to be without time limit. Their ability helps with the increase of 50 in Max EP in three seconds EP recovery with the Master of All Minor Mode Switch CD.

Two ways of all the master are given below:

Jiu-Jitsu mode: Jeu-Jitsu mode enhances five times the team s associates EP conversion rates. The only condition is that they have to appear within 6 meters of Captain Bi.

Psychology mode: K s psychology mode is necessary for the rescue and invasion of the players, because every three seconds can recover 2 EPs up to 100 EP. Therefore, the EP benefit comes working while running and running.

5) Skylar

If used with the right time, Skylar is one of the best characters in Fire. He can launch a sound wave of 50 meters range, which can destroy the maximum five glue walls. In addition, users get HP recovery every time applying Glu Wall.

His replicated rhythm capacity with the initial cooldown of 60 seconds is suitable for beginners and rank push.

Disclaimer: This list is not in a particular order and reflects the author s opinion.

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