Black Desert Online s newest update is out today and also it will certainly take you right into the 2nd component of the Atoraxxion co-op dungeon, Scars of the Abyss. Pearl Abyss also assures that Halloween is coming quickly.

In Marks of the Abyss, you ll go into Sycrakea, the new dungeon in the co-op PvE difficulty. This set is underwater themed, and adheres to the Vahmalkea section, which was desert themed. 2 more will certainly comply with, themed to canyon as well as woodland.

For this new underwater examination, come prepared to enroll as well as fix some puzzles to proceed. These challenges will mix a combination of cold and heat for you to find out. All this while playing through the new lore and story content. Discover Syca, the devotee of the sage Rux. Sycrakea will contact those who step inside to make use of elemental powers together to make it through all it has to provide and make it through the final employer battle, Maleficent Centilutos.

Stepping up the difficulty is the availability of a second, harder problem level for those who might intend to do a second go through of the dungeon for far better incentives. Until October 20th, those who do defeat the last manager will get some special Sycrakea themed furniture.

Pearl Abyss is also supplying an unique reward with the code ATOR-AXXI-ONPA-RTII with November 3rd. Usage that and get a Talibre s Split, which admits to the Atoraxxion dungeon. Having among these things will also allow you go straight right into Sycrakea, without having to have actually experienced Vahmalkea, though you will require to complete [Atoraxxion] Talibre s Split first in order to progress.

Next week, prepare for also more enjoyable, as a steampunk-themed Halloween is involving Black Desert on both PC as well as console. Comply with the route of Mad Researcher Marni to tidy up the harmful catches as well as experiments she s left. The group will certainly expose everything about Halloween next week.

For much more on Sycrakea, check the Black Desert Online official news.