*NEW* NPC Dire Wolf Location & Punchcard! Full Challenge / Quest Guide [Fortnite Season 8]
Ragsy is the newest NPC to arrive in Fortnite, and she brings with her 5 brand-new quests for all gamers to tackle (as well as many thanks to Party Quests, infinitely re-tackle). Your first time via her questline will make you a large 150,000 XP, yet initially, you need to discover her. Below s where to discover Ragsy in Fortnite and also just how to complete all Ragsy quests.

Where To Find Ragsy In Fortnite As Well As Ragsy Quests

Ragsy is the spookier variation of Cuddle Group Leader, and you ll discover her encamped at Risky Reels . While this area isn t named on the map, you ll likely know it as the drive-in theater simply north of the map s facility, The Consequences. Head right into Risky Reels as well as chat with Ragsy to begin her Guard Methods questline.

Purchase a shield item from a vending maker (1) – 30,000 XP
Eat both a small guard potion and a guard fish (2) – 30,000 XP
Harvest stone from Sidewards rocks (50) – 30,000 XP
Utilize a guard item while in The Sideways (1) – 30,000 XP
Take damage from an adversary gamer and also survive (1) – 30,000 XP

To start, from Ragsy s location, you can discover a vending machine selling health and wellness things eastern of Corny Crops at the filling station simply over the river . Acquire a few little shields from there, then head to the river to fish. With any type of luck you ll quickly grab a guard fish . Consume both products to end up the second pursuit.

Following you ll want to head to The Sidewards and harvest stone . You ll only require 50 total rock, which relates to a couple of hits of any kind of Laterally rocks. It must be fast. If you acquired extra little guards, you can take some damage from the Dice Beasts that will spawn, then apply an additional tiny guard when you re listed below 50 complete shield HP– or, if you happen to have one, utilize a huge shield remedy despite your shield HP.

The last challenge in Ragsy s questline states to take damage from an opponent player and also survive . To do this, well, just do not pass away when you get hit! After a couple of seconds, the video game will certainly credit you with having actually survived the experience, even if you take place to be removed soon after.

As soon as you ve done all five difficulties, you ll be 150,000 XP richer in your Season 8 battle pass. Don t miss out on the brand-new Dire pursuits as well. After that it s time to capture today s big tale: an inbound Fortnite and also Amongst United States crossover.