Kumi Tanioka (Jap. 谷岡 久 美, Tanioka Kumi; born 29. August 1974 in Hiroshima) is a Japanese pianist and composer of video game music. She had been with many different Square-Enix titles since 1998, she became known mainly by her work on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles as well as her performances on Final Fantasy Xi Fan Events.

Minecraft The last update of the Java version of the game has been launched to perform tests with the launch of another Java snapshot. This test most content of Caves & Cliffs: Part II As players could have expected, but now add something that this type of updates do not usually include: Music. Mojang described the new in this update and said he added a couple of new tracks so that the players listen to them, but it did not specify how much music was added.

Players will listen to music first in Overworld if you are testing the new Java snapshot, but there is also music that will only be played occasionally when you play with certain types of chests. The music comes from the artists Lena Raine and Kumi Tanioka and is also available on transmission platforms, if players want to hear it there.

«It s time for a musical snapshot! Now we are presenting new music for Caves & Cliffs: Part II, the update on the new music said. This time we have a lot of new tracks composed of the talented Lena Raine and Kumi Tanioka. These tracks are also available at Spotify to listen to, and soon they will be available in other services such as Apple Music and YouTube as well.

Below are the notes about the new functions and the changes found in the last Java snapshot. To obtain the complete set of notes, including technical changes and more, you can find those here.

New functions in 21W42A

New music has been added to the game.
A global auto-aging indicator was added for a player worlds.


New music from Lena Raine and Kumi Tanioka was added to the Overworld (when playing Survival mode) and the main menu.
A new music disk from Lena Raine entitled Otherside was added. This can be found in rare occasions on the chests of the Stronghold Runner or much more rarely on the Dungeon chests.

Changes in 21W42A

The global generation selection algorithm has been reworked, now generates a player according to climate parameters.
World generation settings

World generation

Lava springs can be generated in mountains and snow covered grounds.
Water springs do not generate more than 192 and they are a little less common
Badlands gold is generated above

Minecraft The last snapshot is now available so that Java players choose to participate if they want to try this new content of Caves & Cliffs.