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Woman Al has 14 Starter

Pokémon is a series of video games developed by Video game Fanatic as well as released by Nintendo and also The Pokémon Business under the Pokémon media franchise business. Developed by Satoshi Tahiti with assistance from Ken Suitor, the very first video games, Pocket Monsters Red as well as Environment-friendly, launched in 1996 in Japan for the Video game Kid, later released beyond Japan as Pokémon Red and also Blue as well as the main series of role-playing computer game (RPGs), referred as the core collection by their developers, have continued on each generation of Nintendo’s handhelds. One of the most just recently launched core collection video games, Pokémon Sword and Shield, were released worldwide on the Nintendo Turn On November 15, 2019. The future core collection video games, Pokémon Brilliant Ruby and Shining Pearl will certainly be released on November 19, 2021, and also Pokémon Legends: Areas on January 28, 2022, both for the Nintendo Switch over. They are remakes as well as a prequel of the 2006 Nintendo DS games Pokémon Ruby as well as Pearl, respectively.
The core video games are released in generations, each with different Pokémon, storylines, as well as personalities. Remakes of the games are generally launched around a year after the original variations for the newest console at the time. While the main series consists of RPGs developed by Game Freak, many spin-off video games based upon the series have been developed by various firms, encompassing other genres such as action role-playing, challenge, dealing with, and also electronic family pet games.
Pokémon is the globe’s biggest media franchise, with successful anime series, movies, as well as merchandise, with spin-off video game Pokémon Go having crossed 1 billion mobile video game downloads worldwide. By November 24, 2017, more than 300 million Pokémon games had actually been sold worldwide on portable and also house consoles, across 76 titles, consisting of spin-offs. Since March 2021, the series has actually marketed over 380 million devices worldwide. This makes Pokémon the 4th very successful video game franchise, behind Nintendo’s very own Mario franchise business, Tetris and Phone Call of Responsibility.

Both Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shiny Pearl Give the players the opportunity to catch a total of 14 starter Pokemon of generations 1 to 4. Against this background, we will tell you where you can catch all starter Pokémon of Generations 1 to 4 in Pokémon Bright Diamond and Pokémon Luminous Pearl.

Where to catch all 14 starter Pokémon in radiant diamond and luminous pearl

First, it is important to point out that all Starter Pokémon except Pikachu will not be available after you have defeated the Elite Four, Cynthia, and completed the National Pokédex, which can only be purchased by Professor Rowan in Sand gem Town afterwards. Complete your Sinner oh Pokédex. After you have received the Pokédex, you can find all the fire, water and grid starters by going to the Grand Underground where you will find Bissau, Chiquita, Bamako, and Tan twig either in Grassland Cave, Riverbank Cave, Still-Water Cavern or in Sunlit Caverns and Squirrel, Crocodile, Mud kip, and Pickup on Fountain spring Cave, Riverbank Cave and Still-Water Cavern. Luanda, Cyndaquil, Torch, and Chitchat, on the other hand, all can be found either in the volcanic cave, in the typicality cave or in the sand scale. Both Pikachu and Levee can be found in Trophy Garden, the latter only available in the area after being named by Mr. Backlog. It is also possible, a Evil by going to Heart home City and talking to a NPC called Bee.

In summary, you can catch all 14 starter Pokémon available in Pokémon Bright Diamond and Pokémon Luminous Pearl:

Pikachu: Trophy garden.
Evil: Trophy Garden and Heart home City.
Bissau, Chiquita, Reecho and Tan twig: Grassland Cave, Riverbank Cave, Still-Water Cavern and Sunlit Cavern.
Squirrel, Crocodile, Mud kip and Pickup: Mountaineering Cave, Riverbank Cave and Still-Water Cavern.
Character, Cyndaquil, Tor chic and Chitchat: Vulcan Cave, Try lo Cave and Sand Sea Cave.

How To Get ALL 14 Starter Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Both Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Glossy pearl are now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. If you are not sure which version you should get, do not forget to look at the main differences between Pokémon Bright Diamond and Luminous Pearl.

Broken RANKS without pay2Win Premium currency we will get through a normal game

Whtiemoon did not build their reputation for 10 years to now — for apologize — give me a puppy with monetization in Broken Ranks.

The latest entry on the game website ( here ) applies to a business model, and more precisely, premium currencies (platinum), which will exist, but which will not be required to fully enjoy the gameplay.

What’s more, platinum can gain for gold from other players, through promotions to a higher level and through events, so even without real cash, we will be able to get such currency. A similar system exists in Albion Online, and Albion would never call the P2W game.

There is no wonder because it is one of the most important topics that we have not yet explained accordingly. We will do it in installments to clearly communicate to what principle the monetization in Broken RANKS will function.


Let’s start with the fact that in Broken RANKS the role of premium currencies meets the so-called platinum. Under no circumstances is required to enjoy the game. At this point, you will definitely think: everyone says so at the beginning, because nobody in their right mind would not advertise his title, as Pay it win. Of course, there is a lot of reasons, but in Broken Ranks, the premium currency is released in trade, so you can get it from other players for gold (free currency in the game), any items or even for free, if the other one will agree on it,

A model that appears in Broken RANKS is based on over 10 years of experience. In our previous production (The Pride of Tavern) there is an identical system, and it must be mentioned that he checked very well, gaining the approval of the community.

In summary: in Broken RANKS, simply take advantage of your merchant sense and exchange satisfactory both sides.


I managed to put up a bit of gold, or elevate a sword, helmet or another item from Boss? Great, certainly someone needs them! You can replace it with gold or a sword with another player on raw materials, missing helmet, or… platinum, our premium currency. As you can see, classic trade — platinum functions as one of the many items that can be freely operated.

Platinum forms

Platinum, as an object, occurs in the so-called Packages ( Platinum pack ). In the game, they are present in two variants: 10 and 50 platinum in the package. There is no limit of the number of platinum packages or restrictions related to trade.

How to get it in the game?

In addition to trade between players, for objects and gold, platinum in the game can also be gained differently:

for the promotion of characters to specific levels,
As part of the prizes during Events.

The entire Content is available without a platinum requirement, and all the best possible can only gain their own forces — from bosses, special mobs, through trade players and crafting.

When the Game is Pay to Win...

Global Prime Minister Broken RANKS is scheduled for January!

Black Friday The Best Gaming Games

Best BLACK FRIDAY Gaming Deals You SHOULDN'T Miss [2021]
The Black Friday weekend is coming to an end — and you now have the chance to dust spectacular gaming deals for a short time. The highlight offers for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and PC gamers can be found here in our current overview.

The Black Friday brings the best gaming deals as every year — and the bargain hunt is now in full swing at MediaMarkt, Saturn, Amazon and other shops. Saves strong deals around technology and gaming — from accessories via monitors and TVs to consoles and play numerous items are massively reduced in the price. We keep you up to date with the best gaming deals here.

Top gaming deals after the Black Friday

During the Black Friday Week, there are hot gaming offers for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC players in many shops all week.. The following deals should not be missed:

Nintendo Switch Deals

Nintendo Switch + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + 3 months Switch online at Saturn for 288 euros
Ring Fit Adventure at Saturn for 61.99 euros instead of 79.99 euros
Mario Party Superstars at Amazon for 44.99 euros instead of 47.99 euros
Pokémon luminous pearl at media market for 47.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros
Mario Kart live: Home Circuit — Mario at Amazon for 69 euros instead of 79.20 euros
Metro id dread at Amazon for 43.00 Euro instead of 49.99 Euro
Super Mario 3D World + Bowler’s Fury at Amazon for 39.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros
Nintendo Switch Lite (yellow) at Mediamarkt for 179.99 euros instead of 199.99 euros
Nintendo Switch Lite (in 6 different versions) + Pokémon radiant diamond / luminous pearl at media market from 224.99 euros

Click here for the Black Friday Deals at Amazon!

PS4 & PS5 Deals

PlayStation Plus Membership (12 months, German account, PS5 / PS4 download code) at Amazon for 39.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros
DANSEUSE Wireless Controller + NBA 2K22 JumpStart + NBA 2K22 at Amazon for 79.99 Euro instead of 114.94 euros
DANSEUSE Wireless Controller + FIFA 22 (PS5) at Mediamarkt for 99.99 euros
Death loop (Standard + Metal Plate Edition) at Amazon for 33.56 Euro instead of 69.99 euros
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (PS5) at Mediamarkt for 34.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros
FIFA 22 (PS5) at Amazon for 41.52 euros instead of 79.99 euros
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS5) at Mediamarkt for 29.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros
The Last of US 2 (PS4) at MediaMarkt for 19.99 Euro instead of 44.99 euros
Ghost of Sushi (PS4) at Saturn for 19.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros

Click here for the Black Friday Deals at Mediamarkt!

Memory Deals

WD Elements ™ Hard Disk, 2 TB HDD, 2.5 inches, externally with media market for 57 euros instead of 65.99 euros
Seagate expansion portable, exclusive edition hard drive, 5 TB HDD, 2.5 inches, externally at media market for 95 euros instead of 199.99 euros
SanDisk Portable SSD 1 TB (external hard drive with SSD technology 2.5 inches, 520 MB / s Transmission rates at Amazon for 87.47 euros instead of 139.99 euros
SanDisk Microsoft AHSI Memory Card for Nintendo Switch 256 GB (V30, U3, C10, A1, 100 MB / s Transmission) at Amazon for 33.99 Euro instead of 63.64 euros

Gaming Accessories Deals

Racer ornate v2, gaming keyboard, Mecca membrane at media market for 57 euros instead of 109.99 euros
Racer Viper Ultimate Wireless & Mouse Dock Wireless Gaming Mouse at MediaMarkt for 85 Euro instead of 132.99 euros
Hyper Cloud II Wireless — for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Over-Ear Gaming Headset at MediaMarkt for 89 Euro instead of 139.99 euros
Racer Kraken X — Gaming Headset (Ultra Light Gaming Headphones for PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4 at Amazon for 38.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros
Hyper Cloud II Wireless — for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Over-Ear Gaming Headset at MediaMarkt for 89 Euro instead of 139.99 euros

Click here for the Black Friday Deals at Saturn!

Xbox Deals

Xbox Wireless Controller Robot White at Mediamarkt for 49.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla — Standard Edition Uncut — (Xbox One, Xbox Series X) at Amazon for 27.99 euros instead 69.99 euros
FIFA 22 (Xbox One) at Amazon for 39.99 euros instead 69.99 euros
Life is Strange: True Colors (Xbox One Series X) at Amazon for 32.99 euros instead of 56.32 euros
Far Cry 6 at Mediamarkt for 49.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros
Biomutant for 24.99 euros instead of 39.99 euros

Gaming Monitor Deals

Samsung F24G34TFWU 24 inch Full-HD Gaming Monitor (1 ms reaction time, 144 Hz) at Saturn for 181.99 euros instead of 209 euros
Viewpoint VX2718-2KPC-MHD 68.6 CM (27 inches) Curved Gaming Monitor (WHO, Adaptive Sync, 1 MS, 165 Hz, HDMI, DP, Low Input, Speaker) at Amazon for 229 Euro instead of 309 euros
MSI Optic Mag251RX Esports Gaming Monitor 24.5 inches (62.2 cm), Full HD (1920×1080), 240Hz, 1ms, IPS, G-Sync, HDR400 at Amazon for 277 euros instead of 339 euros
Predator XB253QGP Gaming Monitor 24.5 inches (62 cm Screen) Full HD, 165Hz, Fast LC 2MS (G2G), 2xHDMI 2.0, DP 1.2A, height-adjustable, rotatable, SYNC Compatible, HDMI VAR for 189 Euro instead of 299 Euro

Gaming Chair Deals

INSA Flash wolf Gel809 Gaming Chair at Mediamarkt for 114.44 euros instead of 185 euros
Snakebite Gaming Seat Eve (Black) Gaming Chair at Media Market for 129.99 euros instead of 199.99 Euro
HP omen by HP Citadel Gaming Chair at Mediamarkt for 315.99 euros instead of 449.99 euros

Gaming TV Deals

LG OLED55C16LA OLED TV (Flat, 55 inch / 139 cm, UHD 4K, Smart TV, Webs 6.0 with LG Thing) at Mediamarkt for 999 Euro instead of 1,999 euros
LG OLED55C17LB OLED TV (Flat, 55 inch / 139 cm, UHD 4K, Smart TV, Webs 6.0 with LG Thing) at MediaMarkt for 1,299 Euro instead of 1,999 euros
LG OLED55B19LA OLED TV (Flat, 55 inch / 139 cm, UHD 4K, Smart TV, Webs 6.0 with LG Thing) at MediaMarkt for 949 Euro instead of 1,799 euros
Sony XR-55A80J OLED TV (Flat, 55 inch / 139 cm, OLED 4K, Smart TV, Google TV) at Saturn for 1,111 Euro instead of 1,899 euros

Black Friday and more: Gaming Deals in November

In recent years, the Black Friday and the week ago were always reliable consoles, games, laptops, PCs, 4K TVs and gaming accessories of all kinds were greatly reduced in the price. Again this year is expected again with such discounts.

However, Black Friday is not the only shopping event waiting for you in November. Before will take place on November 11th the Singles’ Day. In our review, of course, we will also introduce you to the best gaming offers for Singles’ Day.

In addition, with Black Friday on November 26, it’s not all over — because the following Monday, November 29, finally the Cyber ​​Monday takes place.

In our picture gallery we show you useful tips for bargain hunt:

Preparation for Black Friday 2021

If you want to benefit from the offers at Amazon at the Black Friday (and in the time), a prime subscription would definitely be worthwhile for you. You can test the membership for free for 30 days and gets numerous benefits.

Click here for Amazon Prime!

In addition, you can apply for the Amazon credit card and thus does not only get a 40 Euro credit, but also receives up to 3 percent on your purchases at Amazon. So you are well-prepared for the shopping event of the year.

More black-friday deals can be found at our partner pages:

movie theater

In our video we introduce you to the game highlights 2021:

At Black Friday 2021 you can look forward to numerous gaming offers on many dealers: whether you are looking for consoles, PCs or other hardware, the 26th of November you should already mark. We keep you up to date with the best deals here.

BVB Manuel Akanji for the future in Dortmund Nothing I want to change right now

Under the new coach Marco Rose, central defender Manuel Kanji (26) belongs to the BVB to the absolute master personnel. However, the Swiss has not thought about his future in Dortmund.

At the moment, I actually focus full on the team and try to bring my best possible performance. And then we will see what the future brings with him, Kanji said in an interview with the Kicker. In general, however, he feels very well in the team and with the coaching staff. There is nothing I want to change at the moment.

In recent years, the Swiss had to fight again and again with his vulnerability. That it runs so much better in this season is apparently at external help. I have been working with a mental trainer for about two years now. He helps me a lot, even if we usually talk to each other for ten, 15 minutes only before the games, said the 26-year-old. His one and a half years old son is an important emotional support for him, so Kanji.

And of course you go into the game with a better feeling and a greater self-confidence, if you play constantly well over a longer period. I feel very well in this team, the Swiss explained his last good performance.

To a voluntary break for reasons of regeneration, Kanji does not think at all — on the contrary: I like to play every game. For this I am here, I am used for the past years. I feel very good and fit. I want to make every game
Kanji comes in the current season on a total of 19 competitive applications for the BVB. His working paper in Dortmund is still running until 2023.

Articles and videos about the topic
Corona measures: Wake with clear announcement in the direction of Sober plans
BVB star does not stop Qatar boycott
The Bundesliga Fridays and Sundays exclusively live on DAZN — Register now!

GENSHIN IMPACT ALBEDO compilation guide

Impact of Gen shin is on streak with replenishments. For the first time, fanatics receive a duo banner. Albedo and Eula will join and share the protagonism as repeated characters by rolling. Read on to learn how to build the student gentleman in the official construction guide of Decorator.

Albedo is a mysterious and intellectual captain of the research team of the Knights of Famous. He is also the main alchemist and known as Kreideprinz. Do not let your soft voice behavior deceive you; Albedo is a powerful Geo unit in which it is worth spending these precious primogemas.

Impact of Gen shin Albedo Compile Guide: Equipment function

Geographical characters tend to lean towards the role of Sub DPS / Support and Albedo is not different. By constantly placing the elementary skill of it and activating the elementary explosion of it, Albedo has the potential to synergize with appropriate teammates and provide several bonuses.

Albedo will also create shields for all the allies of him, which will allow them to stay in the field for more time and do more DPs.

impact of Gen shin Albedo Construction Guide — Talents

Normal Attack of Albedo: Famous Blade work — Weiss

Normal Attack of Albedo: performs up to five quick strokes.
Albedo charged attack: Consume endurance to throw two sword blows.
Albedo chopped attack: Immerse yourself from above, inflicts effect area damage when impacting and damaging the opponents on the road.

Elementary ability of Albedo: Biogenesis — Solar isotope

Albedo synthesizes a solar isotope that deals with AOE GEO GMG when activated.
Opponents damaged by the solar field isotope generate transient flowers. These make AOE GEO DMG and will be climbed from the RF of Albedo.
Transitory flowers can be generated once every two seconds.
The place of solar isotope will levitate in the air, which will allow the characters to use it as an elevator.
There can only be a solar isotope at a time.

Elemental burst of Albedo: Rite of progenitor: tectonic tide

Albedo invokes Geo crystals and explodes them, causing AOE GEO DMG to the area in front of him.

If it is activated when there is a solar isotope in the field, seven fatal flowers will be generated, which will generate an immense amount of AOE GEO DMG.

Impact of Gen shin Albedo Construction Guide: Artifacts

Shell of opulent dreams

This set is new in version 2.3.

The two-piece Set bonus Grants a 30% DEF bonus.
The four-piece game bonus gives the curiosity effect. Every time this character hits an opponent, he earns an accumulation of curiosity. They also get a stack every three seconds out of the field. Curiosity has a maximum of four accumulations and provides a 6% bonus to DEF and GEO DMG with each accumulation. One pile is lost every six seconds that the character happens without winning a stack of curiosity.

This new set is literally built for Albedo. Since Albedo’s elementary skill scale with the DEF of him, this set fits perfectly. In addition, the GEO DMG bonus adds additional damage to the elementary ability and explosion of Albedo.

Nobility requires

A set of common use in support and suburbs characters.

The two-piece bonus is an increase of 20% to elementary explosion damage.
The four-piece game bonus is a 20% ATQ increase bonus for all teammates, which is granted when the holder of the artifact uses its elementary burst.

While a four-piece game for Husk of Opulent Dreams is absolutely recommended, if you are interested in using Albedo to provide more support for your teammates, you will never be wrong with nobles.

Impact of Gen shin Albedo Construction Guide — Weapons

Murillo de cannabis

A 4-star sword available during the event.

Increases the damage to elementary ability by 40% of the DEF. Only one can be activated once every 1.5 seconds and 0.1 seconds will be erased after the DMG is over.
Secondary statistics increases the DEF by a maximum of 69%.

Cinnabar Spindle is the new albedo slot sword. Surprisingly, Scenario’s spindle will be available at an event instead of the banner of weapons. The increase of DEF and Elemental Skill DMG causes Cinnabar Spindle be absolutely essential for Albedo.

Sunrise omen

A 3-star sword is available in desires and missions.

When HP is above 90%, the CRT rate is increased by a maximum of 28%.
Secondary statistics increases CRT DMG at a maximum of 46.9%

The Harbinger of Dawn is amazing for Albedo as it increases both his Rate as his DMG. Since it is a 3-star weapon, refine it to rank five is easy, which means that the maximum this weapon is affordable. Since Albedo is rarely in the field, he must always be above 90% HP for bonuses.

impact of Gen shin Albedo Construction Guide: Composition of the equipment

The additional contribution of GEO DMG and Albedo’s shield make it the perfect sub DPS character. Fit it on a team with another GEO character is a good option, since it provides enduring rock resonance, which increases the force of the shield by 15%. In addition, the characters within a shield obtain an increased damage to 15% and decrease the enemy’s geographical res. By 20%.

Next to Albedo there should be a main DPS, a healer and possibly an ATK buffer.

A team for Albedo could be like this:

Niggling (GEO main DPS)
Sucrose (AEMO Sub DPS)

Albedo Build and Guide (Top Tier DPS Geo Battery) | Genshin Impact
Says (AEMO healing)

This is a team specially designed for Albedo. Niggling is the main DPS that will distribute the most DMG, but only after Albedo has entered the field and activated the elementary ability of it. With solar isotope, GEO DMG will be applied constantly along with the powerful DPS of Niggling. Occasionally, you will throw sucrose to the field to keep enemies within the solar isotope effect area, while you will also provide Swirl DMG and Says will keep all cured.

Since this team has two AEMO and two geography characters, Enduring Rock and Impetuous Winds Resonance effects will apply. Enduring Rock will increase the damage and keep the shields strong, while Impetuous Winds will decrease the stamina consumption, it will increase the movement Del by 10% and shorten the skill CD by 5%.

Albedo is an enigmatic and dangerous sub DPS character that resorts to Geo’s power to inflict harm to the enemies of him. While many consider that the powers of him are a danger to all Ronstadt, Albedo’s calm and intelligent behavior is as attractive as the mystery behind the origins of him.

General guides
Function guides
Game guides
Construction guides
Mission Guides
Gen shin Hangouts Events Impact
Impact of Gen shin 2.0 — Trauma
Impact Gen shin 2.1

Final Fantasy 14 Server maintenance for endwolders

Joy among the pre-ordering of FFI: End walker: Officially, on December 3, 2021, they are apparently started from 10:00 and fall into the brand-new adventures of enlargement, experimenting with the sitter and the wise and the final of the story for Hydraulic and Zodiac experience. Do you want to belong to the final wobbling pre-ordering and thus early starters? Then the final wobbling upgrade in the Store of Square Enix snap.

Veterans already know it, but this early start phase is also coming with a rather unpleasant aspect: All FFI servers are then down, from 2 December 2021 from 10:00 to 3 December 2021 at 10:00 Our time set the case that everything runs around with the FFI server maintenance.

Transfer service offline

30 minutes before the game worlds go to the server maintenance offline, the world transfers are also set. Because the expected server corrupt will increase due to the implementation of FFI patch 6.0 and the final Bobby early start, the world transfer is expected to be switched on again from December 4, 2021, at 09:00. And also the Companion app for Final Fantasy 14 (Buy Now €25.98) will not be available until the server maintenance is completed. The details you can read in the Lodestone.

FFXIV News | 24 Hour  Endwalker Early Access Maintenance

Are you looking forward to end walkers and be included right from the start? If you are still hounded, Then you can grab our special issue to FFI and End walker with information about the game, tips for beginners and advanced as well as sexy codes!

The links marked are affiliate links. Affiliate links are no ads, as we are independent in the search and selection of the presented products. For product sales we receive a small commission, with which we partially finance the free content of the website.

BLACK FRIDAY 2021 in Game The best deals on video games and consoles

Original text too short.

Follow the BLACK FRIDAY Offers on our direct (click here) <<<

Game hOffers given the output pistolletazo to your BLACK FRIDAY OFFERS. The well-known shop specializing in video games and entertainment hOffers reduced dozens of titles of all platforms, with equally very varied prices; Opportunity that, in some cOfferses, can deserve a lot worthwhile. Available until November 29, you can consult here the full offer brochure (there are more than 600 titles in promotion ). Next, we will review some of the offers that have caught our attention.

Black Friday in PlayStation: Barges for PS4 and PS5 for less than 10 euros
Offers Black Friday in Nintendo Switch: 25 Amazing games for less than 20 euros
Offers BLACK FRIDAY: 15 PS5 and PS4 games essential in PS Store
Offers BLACK FRIDAY: 15 essential games for Xbox at reduced price

best console packs in game during the Black Friday

Pack Nintendo Switch + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (downloadable code) + 3 months from Nintendo Switch online for €299.95 (from 26/11)
Pack Nintendo Switch + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Downloadable code) + 3 months from Nintendo Switch Online + Game from Sega to choose between Team Sonic Racing, Sonic Forces, Sega Mega Drive ClOfferssics and Football Manager 2021 for €10 (from the 26 / 11) €299,95 (from 26/11)
Pack Xbox Series S + Psychopath 2 + Gears 5 + Fora Horizon 5 (all digital) for €299.95

Best Game Deals During the Black Friday

Games for PS5 and PS4

Yakuza Like a dragon for €19.95
Marvel’s Guarders of the Galaxy for €39.95
OfferssOfferssin’s Creed Valhalla for €24.95
FIFA 22 by €59,95
Hitman III by €34,95
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales for €39.95

Best BLACK FRIDAY Gaming Deals You SHOULDN'T Miss [2021]

Immortals Deny Rising for €24.95
Riders Republic for €39.95
Back 4 Blood Special Edition for €39.95
Alan Wake RemOfferstered for €19.95
Death Stranding Director’s CUT for €39.95
NBA 2K22 by €39.95
Ghost of Sushi Director’s CUT for €49.95
Resident Evil Village Edition Steel book Exclusive Game for €39.95


Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit RemOfferstered for €19.95
Mario Kart Live Home Circuit — Luigi Edition by €49.95
FIFA 22 for €29.95
Neo The World Ends With You for €39.95
Captain TsubOffersa: Rise of New Champions for €29.95
Immortals Deny Rising for €29.95
Sonic Colors Ultimate Day One Edition for €29.95
Just Dance 2022 for €39.95

Offers in Xbox games

Rainbow Six Siege for €14.95
NBA 2K22 by €39.95
FIFA 22 by €44.95
Sonic Colors Ultimate Day One Edition for €29.95
Fallout 76 for €4.95
Marvel’s Avengers for €24.95
Red Dead Redemption 2 for €24.95
OfferssOfferssin’s Creed Odyssey for €19.95
OfferssOfferssin’s Creed Valhalla for €24.95

FIFA 22 cheap solutions to the SBC Marquee Parties of the week of November 25

In FIFA 22, FUT SBC scan be very profitable with a sometimes minimum investment. Here we leave you the cheapest solutions to complete the challenges of marquee matches.

As with all the solutions we offer you for these SBC, do not feel pressured to use the same teams for the player. Try, as far as possible, compose in to the content of your own club inspiring you in the models that we propose. You can also buy all the envelopes that we tell you if you do not want to complicate you.

An envelope of gold players must be collected at the end, in addition to the packets for each of the completed equipment.

This week we have a game in Serie A, one at the Bundesliga, one in Align and a clash at the Premier League.

Solution for Marquee Parties on November 25

Wolfsburg — Dortmund

Players — Wolfsburg + Dortmund: Minimum 1
Same League players: minimum 4
Unique players: minimum 2
Average equipment assessment: minimum 70
Chemistry: minimum 70

Start from scratch This equipment will cost you approximately:

6,000 coins in PS
6000 coins in Xbox
6,000 coins on PC

Naples — Radio

Players Naomi + Radio: minimum 2
Nationalities: Minimum 6
Gold players: minimum 3
Same Club players: maximum 3
Average equipment assessment: minimum 72

Chemistry: minimum 75

Start from scratch This equipment will cost you approximately:

6,000 coins in PS
6000 coins in Xbox
7,000 coins on PC

Real Madrid — Seville

Real Madrid players + Seville: Minimum 2
Unique players: minimum 2
Same Players Country: Maximum 3
Gold players: minimum 3
Average equipment assessment: minimum 74
Chemistry: minimum 80

Start from scratch This equipment will cost you approximately:

Marquee Matchups Completed - Week #9 - Help & Cheap Method - Fifa 22

6,000 coins in PS
6,500 Coins in Xbox
7,000 coins on PC

Chelsea — Manchester United

Chelsea players: minimum 1
Players Manchester United: Minimum 1
Championships: maximum 3
Unique players: minimum 2
Average valuation of the equipment: minimum 76
Chemistry: minimum 85

Start from scratch This equipment will cost you approximately:

6,000 coins in PS
7,000 coins in Xbox
7,000 coins on PC

Bremens Friedl at the beginning

Due to the Corona infection of Marco Fried, the Bremen Health Office Markus had come to the legibly. In the vaccination presented by Werder-Chef coach, discrepancies fell on, since then it is determined against him, the suspicion is crushing. Fried himself got something from all the events in Bremen only from the domestic quarantine. On the day when the Austrian went into isolation, he did not expect that, at least he explained on Thursday that, when I come back, the coach is gone.

On Saturday morning, Fried had only learned from the team from the resignation of the 47-year-old, his teammates have informed me about it, Fried said, who would not want to express closer in the matter with which the Bremen prosecutor’s office persists long ago: That is a running method and I only know what is written in the media. When things have been clarified, Fried plans at least once again to contact the beginning. They could not say goodbye too personally.

Werder Bremen: „Das macht schon etwas mit einem“ - Ilia Gruev über das  Aus seines Förderers Anfang
When the defender received the news of the trainer, was that a shock, Fried said, That’s all new territory for us. This way has never been there somewhere in this way. But by the fact that the game against FC Schalke 04 was imminent on Saturday night, the team had at least a sporting focus. The current exceptional situation at Welder requires a very sensitive handling of the professionals, as other things, said Fried, and finds: Undue here, we have mastered well.

Fried feels like his corona infection again fit

Health is the double vaccinated three-time Austrian national player after his corona infection Again fit. The disease in the form of fever and extreme sore throat had made clearly noticeable: I sweated at night, says Fried: Fortunately, that quickly went over again.

On demand, the Welder professional also pledged to vaccinate: Unclear must live with the consequences that they have to go in quarantine and that they are more easily infected. And I believe that the symptoms are lighter in a disease. However, a decision must make everyone for themselves. Whether for Fried on Saturday evening at Holstein Kiel (8.30 pm, live! At Bremen Health) will be enough for a mission, he can not forget himself yet: At the end of the week we’ll see how far I am.

Back on top DFB wants a title per decade

The Fortnite World Cup is an annual Esport competitors on the Fortnite computer game. The finals happen from July 26 to 28, 2019 for the inauguration of the event at the Arthur-Ashe Arena of Flushing, New York City, with a complete amount of earnings amounting to $30 million. The very first strong World Cup was announced in February 2019. While EPIC prepared to organize the event in 2020, the Pandemic of Covid-19 leads the author to terminate it, in addition to the 2021 edition, yet preserves the seasonal champions referred to as Fortnite Champion Collection (FNCS),

The DFB is a great title per decade. We are entitled to come with every man’s or women’s tournament under the last four. Every ten years we want to win a title, as we also take the U21 with pure, said national team director Oliver Bailiff on Wednesday at a press appointment Frankfurt / Main.

Is the DFB-Pokal the Best Cup Competition in the World?

The new national coach Hans Flick adopted the 2018/19 issued back to the world top and speak of Back on Top, reported Bailiff.

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The hot not banal, world champion, also world champing is a good term. In the identification of the fans, in enthusiasm and ratings, we also want to go to the world’s tip. We also want our player to be role models and work socially, said Bailiff.

However, he was the interplay of many factors for patience: We do not wait for a big bang, but have started a process. The Nations League will be a first test phase in the World Cup year 2022 and a hint where it works.

Oliver Bailiff: World Cup in Qatar give a chance

The DFB wants to counteract the controversial World Cup host Qatar critically, but openly. We want to give this tournament a chance. We hear from an increasing enthusiasm throughout the Arab world, said Bailiff on Wednesday.

During the Winter World Cup 2022, the concentration Strongly the football will apply, Bailiff said, We will also worry about what we will do with the topic of human rights in the new year.

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DFB boss: Bettendorf explains candidacy
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The DFB has already searched for the exchange with Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Qatar is a topic that already employs us today. We will have to deal with us. We also deal with us in terms of content, Bailiff assured. We will also ensure that this is clearer in the team.

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