The former football professional, Saxony Generals show presenter and development helper Holger Obermann died at the age of 85 years.

This confirmed his wife Barbara of the German Press Agency. Previously, the Hessian Lower Saxony General had reported about it.

Thernach Obermann died of the consequences of Corona infection on October 30th. According to his wife Obermann was vaccinated twice, it was no longer a refresh vaccination. The native Kasseler also leaves two children and three grandchildren.

First German professional in the USA

Torkeeper Obermann once played for Hesse Kassel, Concordia Hamburg and FSV Frankfurt before he went to the SCE New Jersey in 1961 as the first German professional in the US. In 1966 his TV career began with the ARD, for which he reported about 500 Bundesliga games. From 1971 to 1984 he also hosted the ARD Saxony Generals show, for this he was a rapporteur on five world championships on site.

Above all, Obermann also made a name for himself as a development assistant. He led numerous aid projects around the globe. The foreign assignments on behalf of DFB, FIFA, DOSB or the Federal Government led him in countries such as Gambia, Guinea, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Philippines. Also in crisis and war areas such as Sri Lanka after the earthquake, East Timor and Afghanistan traveled the globetrot. His last project was a youth football school in Nepal.