Before Broken Ranks appears on the market (January 2022), it was Gloria Victim who holds the best palm, and certainly the most recognizable Broken MADE in Poland.

And so happily suggests that Gloria Victim has just started with the first Free Trial in its history, which is one of the last tests before leaving early access.

Until November 15, you can download and play Gloria without any fees.

HTTPS: // victis medieval Broken/

This event is a milestone for our team, project and community, preparing us for testing stress tests before leaving the early access stage and continue our amazing journey. After almost 300 weekly updates, since Gloria Victim appeared on Steam and stormed Steam Greenwich, winning the first place from over 1500 other projects in less than 48 hours, we enter the development phase in which we feel confident and ready to invite more players, To show them our game and love that they are giving her.

There are no restrictions on the game. During free trial version you have access to 100% game content.

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Worth? Gloria Victim is one of the few Broken with a medieval world and a tiny dose of fantasy (the so-called Low-Fantasy). It is also a title that drips Slavskowcy.

Have fun!