With the signing market about to open, rumors that put Nicolas Jensen as a shooter began to emerge. Eventually, preliminary reports arose that dismissed the theory, but left him out of Team Liquid to have Siren Bergen Berg as a new central lane. In the same way, Travis Afford, content creator, put a chance to see Jensen on the table with the T-shirt of Evil Geniuses.

In the LCS there are several teams that seem to require a central lane, such as Cloud9 and Team Solo mid. However, until now there are no rumors that link the Danish in some American alignment. To top off, he made comments on his stream that did not seem very encouraging for 2022. Since everything points to him will be absent from the competitive one.

Bjergsen Leaves #TSM, Is Jensen Roleswapping to ADC? | 2022 LoL Offseason

Jensen indicated that he he does not seek to retire Currently, but there is a great chance that we do not see it in the next season of League of Legends. The central lane invites not to draw conclusions hastily, commenting that we will see what happens in the next dates. Officially, the signing market opens on November 15, allowing all the squads of the world to close verbal agreements. This means, although we already have a prior one of some teams, there is a minimum possibility that they do not end up signing from last second situations.

With Jensen, things point out that the rival of him will take the position of him in the American Multicampus. Team Liquid was close to getting to the Worlds 2021 qualifiers thanks to the quad draw. His rival was Gen. G, who had already known defeat in the hands of the LCS runner. However, the second SEED of the LACK planted him face and went as a group leader to the best of five.

Team Liquid has not commented on his 2022 team. We previously shared that reinforcements will arrive from LEC, specifically from Fanatic and Rogue. As always, the objective is to replicate what is done in the first half of 2019, when it was in a great end of the Mid-Season Invitational. As regards Jensen, we will have to wait for more news.

Ported via Lance Sandwich / Riot Games.