SOMA Dorothy slipped cheerfully on his knees, but suddenly paused: The line judge had lifted the flag. However, after viewing the video images, Referee Frank Wallenberg recognized the 1-0 for Bochum against Cofferdam on Saturday after all — and was right.

PK nach dem 2:0 gegen Hoffenheim

Reason for the review was Dorothy s deadline in the scene before. Cofferdam Kevin Vogt had clarified shortly. The Bochum was closer to the steering line behind him, seconds later he headed Milos Antics cross.

But not every deadline is also punishable, says Lutz Wagner, control expert and teacher of the DFB. There are four ways why a deportation is actively involved and thus punishable:

\ — If the attacker is in the sight line of the opposing defendant / goalkeeper

\ — If the player touches the ball

\ — If he performs an obvious action that influences the opponent

\ — If he denies a duel with the opponent around the ball.

There were no one of these four options. Dorothy stood about 1.5 to two meters behind the opponent and behaved quietly, explains Wagner. The fact that Wallenberg s assistant indicated a punishable offside position caused confusion, he had not perceived the distance between the actors. The gate was regularly correct and the basis for the second Bundesliga home win in a piece.