Ella proceeds with the Indie Game Developer Target Contest Program with Susan Indie Cone Connect Festival (BIC) in the Vesta 2021 period on the 17th.

The target game was hoping for participation in the BIC Festival 2021 exhibition, or by the selection of the domestic and overseas indie games received through the GUSTO homepage last October.

The selection is exhibited in the GUSTO 2021 BIC showcase 2021. All exhibits are available to a small $1,000 EXALT partner network, and the promotion of influenza is also supported.

In addition, when the Xsolla Excellence Award (Xsolla Excellence Award) and the Xsolla Excellence Award (Xsolla Next Generation Award) are selected for the participation of the Xsolla Excellence Award, the capital of $7,000, $3,000, Cu laying is provided. This allows you to receive up to $250,000 when investment is successful. In particular, the Excellence Winner receives the $2,000 EXALT Partner Network Credit.

All This Work for Nothing (Indie Dev Failure) - Devlog

This Given exhale, Ella, I hope that the entire game industry can grow through the ex color of Domestic and overseas Indy games.

On the other hand, Ella is a new game with the Vesta 2021 B2B tube, and seeks a variety of game history and collaboration opportunities. This gave birth to the Asian Asia, participates in the Gustav 2021 conference on the theme of new paradigm offer for mobile game sales.