Ski racer Lena Burr drove in the only parallel event of the World Cup winter in the Austrian Lech / Furs on a good seventh place and thus has recorded her best career result in this discipline. The 30-year-old lost in the narrow quarter-finals of the Italian world champion Martha Passino, after winning the first two races of the duel.

. I am fully satisfied, it was really fun, it was pretty stressful because you have no time to think, Burr said: Eight times I m going down evening there today — you know what you train in the summer.

Burr, three years ago in St. Moritz Eighth, had made it into the all-in-laps in the two qualification runs as fourth fastest. After losing to Passino lost the native of Munich in the placement round against the Norwegian Mate Mon sen before they won the battle for seventh place against Tina Robin from Slovenia.

Her first World Cup victory, Slovenia Andrea Solar secured in the final against Norway s Thea Louise Stjernesund Third was their compatriot Kristin Lyndall.

Andrea Filter missed than 18 to just one hundredth of a second a place in the finals, Emma Richer was a place behind another four hundredths of a second back. Stars like Mikaela Shirin (US) or Petra Altova (Slovakia) waived in view of the race in Levi / Finland, however, for a start.

On Sunday (10.00 / 16.00), the parallel event is in Lech / Furs men on the program. Go for the German Ski Federation (DSV) Linus Stressed, Stefan Loot, Fabian Grate, Julian Raucous and Alexander Schmidt at the start. The results of the race do not count for qualification for the Olympic Games, however, be taken into account by the Association for the nomination to the Olympic team competition.

Alpine skiing: Parallel Slalom — The Final Result

driver | Residue

T. Stjernesund | +0.05
A. Solar |

Alpine skiing: Parallel Slalom in Lech in the live ticker for future

Outlook: In the Finnish Levi it ​​is already in a week with two slalom events for the ladies on. Then Andrea Solar travels as World Cup leader, the Slovenian has to 14th place at the start and their victory today now 118 points on the board and therefore a narrow lead over Golden winner Shirin that was missing today. Great snapshot for the young Slovenian!

DSV: Better ran it as from a German perspective, although Lena Burr (4th place) could not repeat their sensational qualifying result. In the quarterfinals, world champion Marta Passino was a bit too big in the return. Nevertheless, the native of Munich showed a pleasing performance and takes as Seventh good points to Levi.

Austrians and Swiss Ski: But Katharina Feinberger got it already in the second round — the culmination of a small Austrian team embarrassment am Albert, because with Feinberger, Brunner and Porringer failed all three Austrians already in the first round. Just like the three Swiss Good-Behrami, Jasper and Kellenberger.

Parallel Competition: And just such stories make the parallel competition also so interesting and popular with the athletes — here decide fractions of a second error you can not afford to these short runs. This was made to feel especially Lara Gut-Behrami, who lost her trace in the second round and threw in the return everything in the balance — with the worse end, she slipped on the outer ski away and the lack of Altova and Shirin in the fight for the overall World Cup could thus not exploit.

Premiere podium: What a furious finish, what a great competition here am Albert! And also nice to see that at the end of the more challenging final slope of the red run is not feared as initially came to fruition, finally turned Lyndall and Solar to red their residues in great triumphs. thus, the Slovenian celebrating her first World Cup victory ever, all three athletes on the podium for the first time in a World Cup in the top three. Chapeau!

Final return: Stjernesund, Solar, Lyndall — that was the result of the qualification. And also from the World Cup? The Norwegian has the projection and the self-image, but Solar comes well from the start and makes powerful steam. This is a heart-stopping, Solar to red, which is a small disadvantage Stjernesund on blue. And Solar wins! Five hundredths she conjures down yet out of the barrel, crazy!

Small Final return: If the well as a clear matter? World Champion Passino has a clear lead of 35 hundredths, must the approach basically like Burr. But Lyndall holds against it, is it — and gets on the red course in 3rd place, sensational!

Race 5 Return: That should also be a clear thing as Sara Hector has been driving against Solar since its quarterfinal defeat. Also, the return dominates the Swede at will and gets 5th place.

Aunt around 7 Return: For Lena Burr it smells about the penalty of Robin in the course in place 7, but she must now turn off only properly in principle. Says so easy, because she is not allowed to drive too carefully. Makes you very well, very controlled, even if Robin navigates three tenths away. Place 7 for Lena Burr!

Finale up: So now the two, who already push their stamp here all day the competition. Can Stjernesund repeat their victory from the qualification? The Norwegian comes up strong up, loses a little back down, but takes twelve hundredth of ahead with the blue course. Preference?

Small finale: Anger In the stomach Passino should have after the error in the semifinals. But the Italian is a bit quieter, but has a brilliant line, spotless, on train, tight at the gates. Perfect forward and 35 hundredth of ahead in the fight for 3rd place!

Run by 5 Point: Hector climbs himself, it can now be neatly crash and declassified MESS with the maximum penalty. Would have had…

Running to third place: Burr comes super way up, also because Robin goes straight to the gates. But the Slovenia picks up in the goat s hang and pulls past — but then misses the last gate and conceded the penalty.

Intermediate Fact: Solar and Stjernesund were already the two strongest in the morning in the qualification, the two are now the finals. Even Passino was already strong in the Quasi fifth, but must fight for the podium against an equally strong Lyndall — that was third in the quasi and thus before Passino (5). The Quali-Fourth, Burr, on the other hand, had to tear down something and now drives against Tina Robin around 1st place 7. To rank 5 duel Mate Sm sen and Sara Hector.

Solar v. Lyndall Return: Wanted The opponent in the final, will it be a purely Norwegian? Lyndall is in the pole position and on the blue course — but it shows nerves, Part s up and already the lead is gone. And Solar turns the thing, is seventh by seven hundredths. No Norwegian finale so!

Passino v. Stjernesund Return: But now it s about the grand finale, Stjernesund was after qualifying the big secret favorite, now she is the very big favorite — and all know, even Marta Passino, which can not catch up with nothing more.

Hector v. Robin Rewind: Who is SMS ENS opponent in the duel for 5th place, who goes against Burr around 7. Rank? Sara Hector has the clear advantage, but the red course. And Robin is on train, comes to the Swedish again — but not over, six hundredths of horny rescues Hector to the finish.

Burr v. Monsters Rewind: 26 tenths must catch up in the return, which is not impossible, but on the red course, difficult. But SMS EN does not even have to be done, clear affair.

Solar v. Lyndall up: Lyndall gets a great start again, explosive comes out of the cottage and dictates the pace. Solar is fighting, but goes with +0.17 residue in the return.

Passino v. Stjernesund upright: Interesting fact: Of the four semi-finishes, only Marta Passino was already on a World Cup podium, but not in a parallel competition. And that is probably a tough fight today, because the world champion places itself in the snow and concedes the maximum penalty of five tenths.

Hector v. Robin Point: Sara Hector we had high in the course, but for the final it should not be enough for the Sweden. Does she have a rage in the stomach? The Slovenia Robin clearly drives her in the turn.

Burr v. Monstrous Point: Let s go the Loser s semi-final 1 as it is official, Burr comes up but not well and goes behind. Does your blue course help below? No, she loses the turn against Mate Lessen.

Intermediate Fact: Now the places 5 to 8 are extended, then follow the semi-final duels with Stjernesund against Passino, which is likely to be a cracker, which should bring Alpine fans to their expense, but of course Solar against Lyndall, the one to make a good impression. The tension rises — the anticipation of course as well. The beginning will make Lena Burr, who struck against Passino Wacker and had even won the go straight, before her went out of the fuel. She fights for SMS EN around the entry into the duel for 5th place.

4 . VF return: Also Sara Hector has some catching up, the Swede is however already rather be trusted against Solar, but which is strong on it. And the Swede fighter, Solar must hold, however, because the bottom will inevitably lose time. Goes off, the Slovenian brings 14 hundredths over the line and is in the semifinals.

3 . VF return: The difference from the trace is here with +0.27 already huge, which can Robin still muster? Nothing, controlled ride from Norway, follows the Stjernesund semi-finals. Only in the final may occur duel between the two country women.

2 . VF return: Now it is time for Lena Durer, they can save their four hundredths ahead down and the semi-finals? Above fits this, but because the red course also has its strengths, it is below critical — and this is also true Burr, coming off a bit from the ideal line and promptly conceded the receipt of Passino.

1. VF return: A Norwegian will be eliminated, a semi-finals — and Stjernesund leaves no doubt here about who is going for the win today. She almost falls down even more, slides extremely artistically across the finish line.

4 . VF trace: Andrea Solar and Sara Hector close the trace from the quarter-finals, also a great duel. Both come off well, in the middle part Solar seems clear more, down the difficulties are added the red course — and it is two tenths for the Slovenian.

3 . VF trace: Now available Robin and Lyndall at the start, the Norwegian is better off at the start and drive the Slovenian them, almost three tenths are a small package for Robin.

2 . VF trace: Burr against Passino, which is obviously a serious hurdle. But the German has caught a very good day, is full on train — and has the bottom of the blue course the slight advantage that you bring four hundredths. Clean, Lena!

1. VF trace: Two Norwegians make the kick, Mon sen against favorite Stjernesund — and remains perfectly, wins this trace with 15 hundredths ahead.

Interim conclusion: What had been a debacle for the Austrians, three aces up its sleeve, including the world champion from Corina d Mezzo — and all three already failed in the second round. But Swiss ski about Lara Gut-Behrami experienced a nasty surprise, here all three are already sent in the first round to packing your suitcase. This leaves three Norwegians and two Slovenians — and Lena Burr and world champion Marta Passino.

8th. AF return: The trace was a real thriller, which Solar and Wrasse Somber deliver us to conclude? Again, it is very tight, both driving a good line, give it all — but down the red course is demanding, the Frenchwoman is that to be directly and loses pace. Solar prevails!

7 . AF return: So now rest all OSV hopes Feinberger that has a gossamer advantage over Sara Hector. Attacks even in the snow above, but that does not matter yet, the problem is much worse soon after to straight to the gate and get out of the course, so that the entire Austrian team trio is already eliminated in the second round.

6 . AF return: Does it Elisa Porringer better against Robin? You must catch 35 hundredths, which is on this short stretch of course, an enormous amount. And the Slovenian is much faster than the Austrian in return.

5 . AF return: Now comes the Austrians trio again, Brunner makes against Lyndall the beginning. The Norwegian overexcited above powerful, even the Austrian can catch up — but not enough to down it does not have good line and lose time and duel.

4 . AF return: fingers crossed now that they are so shows for Lena Burr again a good run. Again she comes up well away draws by, underscoring their strong performance in qualifying. Because what could go out for the 30-year-old native of Munich.

3 . AF return: What makes the world champion Marta Passino? The Kellenberger pulls the midsection powerful of them making it much better than Good-Behrami. By the way: In the semifinals, it could come back to duel with Feinberger.

2 . AF return: Now it is time for Lara Gut-Behrami, who has nearly three tenths. And the Swiss are properly gas — but what was that? She slides the outer ski away and gives up, pulls disappointed Dance.

1. AF return: Stjernesund goes with the narrow lead into the return, but melts above already. On the way to the final slope, the Swiss Jasper hasty but loses some line and therefore this duel.

8th. AF trace: The strong Solar against Wrasse Somber is the last duel in the trace of the fourth round. Both specialists in the giant slalom — and both with an almost identical time, the Frenchwoman is faster two hundredths. And that could even be a small hint for the return.

7 . AF trace: It remains Feinberger for the Austrians, of course, nothing has been decided. The world champion will start on the blue course, goes up also behind against Sara Hector. In the middle part but the Austrian magic and takes just under the lead with three hundredths. Strong!

6 . AF trace: The next Austrian immediately afterwards, Porringer gets to do it with Tina Robin. It is becoming apparent that the red course has a slight advantage at the start, the race to catch Porringer then goes on to crashes and needs almost a penalty catch in the return.

5 . AF trace: What do the OSV ladies? Brunner slept through the start against Lyndall a little, but struggling at the bottom with a courageous drive but once again to twelve hundredths approach.

4 . AF trace: Now it s exciting for all DSV trailers, Lena Burr is strong from the start out, but loses the stick — and yet draws a perfect ride to the finish, three tenths faster than Marina Gąsienica-Daniel.

3 . AF trace: Next little surprise in trace! Also, Marta Passino must prove only once in the second round that they are among the favorites listed here, as against Kellenberger she pulls on the blue course the short straw.

2 . AF trace: 300 . Race for Lara Gut-Behrami, who today travels course to win after Shirin and Altova missing. But the Swiss is not ideal on the go and must be in return hurry, she gets down from Mate Mon sen +0.27 aufgebrummt.

1. AF trace: It starts with the duel of the fastest against the 16th from the qualifications that are Stjernesund and Jasper. The Norwegian is perfect from the start, draw properly already well off. Jasper trash mobs and comes down again to 12:16 second approach. This is exciting!

Alpine skiing: Parallel Slalom in Lech NOW LIVE Scores — Start

Just before: The precursors are already on the slopes, despite the snowfall and poor visibility conditions is a punctual start thus actually nothing in the way. Also, the images on the helmet camera of Alexandra Masonite show that the view is less dramatic than expected.

Before the start: Finally, we would of course look at the result of the qualification, which certainly brought a surprise with it because Thea Louise Stjernesund outclassed their competition with cumulative 48.05 seconds for both runs, especially in the first round, the Norwegian conjured a fabulous time in the snow (23.67). Also, strong in qualifying was her compatriot Kristin Lyndall (3rd place) and Slovenia s Andrea Solar (2), as well as Lena Burr as fourth best. Only behind the favored follow Passino (5), Hector (7), Good-Behrami (8) and Feinberger (10). The Throat specified by me missed the final round as the 34th clearly

Before the start: An hour before the start there in Lech am Albert heavy snowfall and blowing an unpleasant wind at 11 km / h with temperatures just above freezing (2 degrees Celsius). Only later in the evening it is expected that the rainfall and the cold wind subside.

Before the start: With Feinberger, Porringer, Franziska Grit sch and Stephanie Brunner had the Austrian team four irons in the fire, only Grit sch today failed morning in the qualification. Particular attention will naturally be on Feinberger who was crowned this past winter for the world champion in the parallel event. In a race, the result but equally quaint and unique — because Feinberger won the title at the same time Passino — but came in as a scandal in the history — because of the very unequal conditions on the two slopes. Such a connotation today want, of course, avoid the organizers, but also the return run care as early as the second round.

Before the start: The mentioned new format in the parallel competition consists of the qualification, in which the athletes now start once each in red and one in blue course. Both times are then added, the 16-time best qualify for the final round. This will be hold in the popular all-in-system, take place as early as the second round always two duels.

Before the start: eagerly awaited also the coach of the German women, Jürgen Smaller: The new format requires it to be off and running from momentum that will certainly return very exciting race Our goal is represented in the final. To be. The race of the DSV sent for a trio Emma Richer (Mahlstetten), Lena Burr (Garnering) and Andrea Filter (Goldstein), but only Burr managed to qualify for the final round.

Before the start: It is already clear that there is no title defense today, because Altova already bored in Finland, where she is preparing for the World Cup in Levi. Also, Alpine dominator and kick winner Mikaela Shirin is missing (again) am Albert, the US-American cures currently their back problems. Sure thing so for Lara Gut-Behrami? The Swiss ranks after their 2nd place last the giant slalom in each case one of the top favorites, but since we are of course the parallel world champions of Corina, Catherine Lien Berger (AUT) and Marta Passino (ITA), in addition, also in the eye you should certainly have Sara Hector and meta Throat (SLO). Exciting!

Before the start: A year ago the Slovak Petra Altova triumphed in Lech, won against surprise finalist Paula Molten (USA) and secured the 100 World Cup points. Third place went to Swiss Lara Gut-Behrami who won the small final against Sara Hector (SWE) at least 60 points. The best Austrian was Elisa Porringer in eighth, the best German was Lena Burr ranked 22nd

Before the start: Since the opener in Golden three weeks have passed, now the winter sports starts really in the season 2021/22. Lech is like last year, the parallel event for men and women on the program. Last year were approved in returning to Vorarlberg due to the Covid-19 situation no spectators in the second round to this year, but local audiences include: 3,000 enthusiastic ski fans are expected considering the 3G usually am Albert.

Before the start: On the Wear is the event at the Albert in the Austrian town of Lech. The start of the final passage will take place from 17.00.

Before the start: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the first and only parallel slalom race of the ladies this season.

Alpine skiing: Parallel Slalom in Lech today in Live Scores — The World Cup status of women

With their 70 . World Cup win put the US American Mikaela Shiffrinan the top of the intermediate table. Behind the 26-year-olds, the Swiss Lara Gut-Behrami 80 and the reigning overall World Cup champion Petra Altova from Slovakia lined one with 60 points.

Rank | driver | Points

1. | Mikaela Shirin | 100
2. | Lara Gut-Behrami | 80
3. | Petra Altova | 60
4. | Catherine Feinberger | 50
5. | Maria Therese Tiber | 45
6. | Meta Throat | 40
7. | Valerie Greater | 36

Henrik Kristoffersen Skitag
8. | Tessa Morley | 32
9. | Nina O Brien | 29
10. | Ramona Siebenhofer | 26

Alpine skiing: Parallel Slalom in Lech today in Live Scores — The transmission on TV and live stream

Those who want to pursue today s race on TV and television, has actually only one option: The sender Eurosport 1 shows the final round on free TV from 16.50 AM.

All those who prefer a live stream via the Internet to its linear frequency have two options: first is the Euro sports program part of the live-bid of DAZN. Made possible by a collaboration between the two companies. The subscription price for the streaming service amounts to €14,99 per month are €149.99 for the annual subscription due. Are more to be found here.

A free alternative is the public to the live stream in the IDF media library. Reporter Michael Pepper accompanied the race from 16:55.

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Alpine skiing: Parallel Slalom in Lech today in Live Scores — racing calendar of the season 2021/22

Date | Location | Ladies | Men s

23.10. | Golden | RTL |
24.10. | Golden | | RTL
13.11. | Lech / Furs | Parallel |
14.11. | Lech / Furs | | Parallel
20.11. | Levi | Slalom |
21.11. | Levi | Slalom |
26.11. | Lake Louise | | Departure
27.11. | Killing ton | RTL |
27.11. | Lake Louise | | Departure
28.11. | Killing ton | Slalom |
28.11. | Lake Louise | | Super G
03.12. | Lake Louise | Departure |
03.12. | Beaver Creek | | Super G
04.12. | Lake Louise | Departure |
04.12. | Beaver Creek | | Departure
05.12. | Lake Louise | Super G |
05.12. | Beaver Creek | | Super G
11.12 | St. Moritz | Super G |
11.12 | Val d Isère | | RTL
12.12. | St. Moritz | Super G |
12.12. | Val d Isère | | slalom
17.12. | Val Garden | | Super G
18.12. | Val d Isère | Departure |
18.12. | Val Garden | | Departure
19.12. | Val d Isère | Super G |
19.12. | Alta Bahia | | RTL
20.12. | Courchevel | RTL |
20.12. | Alta Bahia | | RTL
22.12. | Madonna | | slalom
28.12. | Boris | | Departure
28.12. | Lien | RTL |
29.12. | Boris | | Super G

29.12. | Lien | Slalom |
04.01 | Zagreb | Slalom |
05.01. | Zagreb | | slalom
08.01. | Maribor | RTL |
08.01. | Adelaide | | RTL
09.01. | Maribor | Slalom |
09.01. | Adelaide | | slalom
11.01. | Dachau | Slalom |
14.01. | Wen gen | | Departure
15.01. | Gaucheness | Departure |
15.01. | Wen gen | | Departure
16.01. | Gaucheness | Super G |
16.01. | Wen gen | | slalom
21.01. | Kitzbühel | | Departure
22.01. | Corina | Departure |
22.01. | Kitzbühel | | Departure
23.01. | Corina | Super G |
23.01. | Kitzbühel | | slalom
25.01. | Kronplatz | RTL |
25.01. | Claiming | | slalom
29.01. | Garish | Departure |
30.01. | Garish | Super G |
04.02.-20.02 | Olympia in Beijing | |
26.02. | Crans-Montana | Departure |
26.02. | Garish | | slalom
27.02. | Crans-Montana | Departure |
27.02. | Garish | | slalom
05.03. | Lenzerheide | Super G |
05.03. | Kvitfjell | | Departure
06.03. | Kvitfjell | | Super G
06.03. | Lenzerheide | RTL |
11.03. | Are | RTL |
12.03. | Are | Slalom |
12.03. | Franziska Gorey | | RTL
13.03. | Franziska Gorey | | RTL
16.03. | Courchevel | Departure |
16.03. | Courchevel | | Departure
17.03. | Courchevel | Super G |
17.03. | Courchevel | | Super G
18.03. | Courchevel | Team | team
19.03. | Courchevel | RTL |
19.03. | Courchevel | | RTL
20.03. | Courchevel | Slalom |
20.03. | Courchevel | | slalom