Microsoft has once again proved numerous games of past times to complete the downward compatibility program on the Xbox One X and Xbox Series X / S.

Last night, Microsoft broadcasts a live stream for the 20th anniversary of the Xbox brand. A little has been opened in the past, a documentary announced and of course there were also various announcements such as the start of the beta of Halo Infinite multiplayer. But even if a big focus is on new games, Microsoft has not forgotten that there are numerous gamers who are still playing their old Xbox games with joy, or they would like to catch up with classics.

Now Microsoft has recorded a momentum of new games in the catalog downwards-compatible games and thus to give me a really fat batten on. You can now experience the complete Max Payne series, all F.E.A.r. games and even the entire skate franchise on the Xbox One X or Xbox Series X / s. There are also numerous titles for the first Xbox like Dead Or Alive Ultimate, Star Wars: Jedi Knight II, Star Wars: Star fighter and the Both Togo Games and Timesplitters: Future Perfect.

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A total of more than 70 titles have been newly added, of which over 20 were published for the first Xbox. In addition, numerous games get an FPS boost damped, and this technique will be used even on some selected games with Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta). An accurate overview of all games and their respective improvements can be found here.

However, this was the final update in terms of downward compatibility. According to Microsoft, all legal and technical possibilities have been exhausted so that no more old games are added to the catalog on the Xbox One X and Xbox Series X / S.