Available by dematerialized since November 11, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic will eventually have the right to a physical edition concocted by the Specialist Limited Run Games. A standard version and two collectors have been announced, without the date of release for the moment.

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Limited Run Games has decided to put small dishes in the big ones by offering collectors a physical output of the reissue of Knights of the Old Republic. On SWITCH, the game will be both offered in standard edition, Premium Edition and Master Edition, while the PC will only host these last two versions. The standard edition will be marketed at a price of $34.99. On the other hand, it will be necessary to open the portfolio to acquire the Premium Edition and, more, from the Master Edition.

The Premium Edition, announced at $89.99, will offer, in addition to the standard edition, a double reversible poster, a steel book, commemorative pieces, a Millennium Falcon pins, conceptual illustrations in the form of cards and A certificate of authenticity. For $174.99, the Master Edition will add a bunch of small babies as a miniature replica of the Darth Evan Laser Saber, a strategic guide, a letter or lithographs. Pre-orders for all these editions will begin on November 19, pending the announcement of the official release date.