The last games of the Pokémon company are remakes of two classic beloved ones. In terms of playability, the experience will probably be familiar to returning players, but they have been updated with a new artistic style and improvements in the quality of life that bring them close to the most modern offers of the franchise. This includes an adorable feature that many avid fanatics will be happy to see. Here is all you need to know If Pokémon follows you at Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Pokémon is following you at Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl? Replied

As you have already deduced from the introduction, yes, Pokémon is following you at Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

Of course, anyone who has played the original games will remember that it was also a distinctive seal of those. The difference is, however, that in the originals you could only see your Pokémon visibly following you in specific areas, in the remakes you always follow you.

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How to walk with Pokémon in bright diamond and bright pearl

However, this will not happen since the beginning of the game. To walk with your Pokémon in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shiny Pearl, you will have to keep playing until you reach Heart home City; More specifically, Amity Square. There you will find a park where coaches can walk quietly with their Pokémon. Talk to the NPC in the office when you arrive, and you will explain that you can walk with your Pokémon before allowing you to choose which one.

Again, this is exactly the same as the original, except that this time you are not limited to seeing them visibly by the park. Now they follow you everywhere!

This should give everything you need to know If Pokémon follows you in Bright diamond Pokémon and Pokémon gleaming pearl. To get more useful tips and guides about the game, be sure to check our Wiki guide. You should also see content related below that may be useful.

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