We expected Noahs Heart first will be released in China, and only then in Europe or North America. And here, please — a surprise, how nice from our perspective.

In the social media of the game (e.g. ), the preview of the first tests appeared, which means NOAHs Heart will be made available to everyone. In English.

A group of lucky people has to enter servers next month.

Breaking News from Planet Noah! The Very First Test Is Coming! Attention please, Explorers!

The First Test Of Noahs Heart Will Start Very Soon! Planet Noah Will Welcome The First Settlers To This Planet Next Month!

Noahs Heart will be Cross platform North America on Unreal Engine 4 engine, which Sword Art Online inspires in fact.

The whole world of games is an artificially generated game to which we combine with a virtual reality device. Just like SAO.

What else? Procedural generated areas, dynamic weather system, climbing and lack of standard character classes.