The same procedure as every year ? At least when it comes to the issue of transfer — not in the Virtual League (NBL). Young viewers want to inspire you with wise-cracking influencers, the older with new formats on television. But is that good?

Again there was on the positions of commentators and the moderators movement. This season, so its Niklas Nirenberg that runs through the show, and Flo Mauser, who accompanied the games along with Moritz Ludwig. A closer look at this then takes Flo Hauser eSports columnist Ethan Dr. Ethanol Cayman as an analyst.

But there was also filed at the format of the transmission. First flicker two games as a conference call via the monitor or TV, because: debate radiates some games — not, however, exclusive.

With all the changes, the aim is therefore clear: win a new audience, and build on existing but.

Inspire parents of children for eSports

More specifically, its going on all around the theme generations. NBL Product Manager Christian Knot sees the big goal so not only committed to inspire the young audience for eSports, but also their parents. He has made clear in the opening press conference. For this, the partnership with debate intended to ensure first and foremost that is sent over Magenta TV.

To do that, the management, only parts of the program decided to show. Tuesdays and Wednesdays go Niklas Nirenberg and Co. for about 90 minutes on the air — even with the conference, even with a game in full length. This seems also to the parent generation much more attractive to be introduced to first on the subject eSports.

Fan requests were answered

But in order not to neglect the younger target group, those responsible are trying to record the feedback of last year. In the playoffs last season, especially the conference came at the community good, which is now available during the Club Championship.

Vantage Ad Lib / All The Things You Are / Trackside Duologues III / Something Sweet, Something...

Thus, the managers even hit two birds with one stone. On the one hand, a desire of the fans comes true, on the other hand, the entertainment value, which could inspire new viewers straight increases.

The only problem at the conference is the exchange of a door. Since the player to cancel the reps usually, the ball rolls back already after the transition. Although the Director enough shortly thereafter to the scene, but it can in emerging hectic — if, for example, fall in a short time after the other hits — are a challenge.

Classic with new Connect

Another wish was to influencers. Again, the idea seeps already by early: Classic combined with new. While Flo Mauser is a classic football commentator at the microphone, an influencer occupied the post of moderator — more specifically Niklas Nirenberg, better known as Niklas.

The content creator but not for slips into the role of the classic moderator, but interprets that role on his way. With youth language and many jokes, he bridges the gap especially on the New, Mauser and Ludwig remember however, more akin to the classic TV coverage. The only drawback: Some jokes and expressions of Nirenberg sometimes seem forced and inauthentic.

Lack addition, this year a stronger involvement of the chat. It is clear that not every question or any comment can find their way into the show. However, the interaction with the audience heard the Specificity and the core business on Twitch.

Ultimately, the question remains whether the changes have come to stay. Go principle, the intention to reach a new audience, as well as expand the existing, and the related changes in the right direction. However, it must on the one or the other set screw be rotated.