The GTA Trilogy has been able to fulfill the eternal desire of the GTA community after a really pretty new edition of San Andreas and Co as well. That’s why the next fan itself attaches hand and tines his own GTA San Andreas-Remake. Thanks to the graphics of Far Cry 5, it really looks very good. But you should not look too early: the chances are very bad that this is not crashed here by Rock star or Take-Two.

GTA San Andreas-Remake looks too nice to be true

It’s about it: Redditor Ghost in bright builds its own GTA San Andreas Remake. For this he uses the Dania graphics engine from Far Cry 5 (and probably also his level editor). The fan project is apparently still in a very early stage of development, but now looks very promising and above all pretty.

Here you can get a first impression of it:

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Proper gameplay should follow. Until then, we have to be pleased or evil with these in engine still images. Of course, that awakens memories and hopes to actually experience the time-honored games sometime in such a graphic interaction. But that should remain until further pure wishful thinking, despite such efforts.

No rosy future: Fan projects like this are generally on very shaky legs. Whether it’s about fodder, which are programming the source code with reverse engineering or whether it is replica of, for example, Golden eye 007 or Super Mario: usually the right owners inside go very quickly against such projects before, as in the current case with the GTA modern.

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GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition Be Like

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They only wanted bugs Fixed: GTA-Modder defend themselves against Take-Two complaint

Maybe would be a way to avoid trouble with Rock star and Take-Two to rename the whole. Then the remaining similarities remain, but at least the trademark rights would not be touched. In the comments, great ideas are already raised as the fan remake could be called: Super Steal Car, Steady Wheel Automobility or Grab That Car sound really promising.

How do you like the remake? How would you call that to avoid problems?