Due to the Corona infection of Marco Fried, the Bremen Health Office Markus had come to the legibly. In the vaccination presented by Werder-Chef coach, discrepancies fell on, since then it is determined against him, the suspicion is crushing. Fried himself got something from all the events in Bremen only from the domestic quarantine. On the day when the Austrian went into isolation, he did not expect that, at least he explained on Thursday that, when I come back, the coach is gone.

On Saturday morning, Fried had only learned from the team from the resignation of the 47-year-old, his teammates have informed me about it, Fried said, who would not want to express closer in the matter with which the Bremen prosecutor’s office persists long ago: That is a running method and I only know what is written in the media. When things have been clarified, Fried plans at least once again to contact the beginning. They could not say goodbye too personally.

Werder Bremen: „Das macht schon etwas mit einem“ - Ilia Gruev über das  Aus seines Förderers Anfang
When the defender received the news of the trainer, was that a shock, Fried said, That’s all new territory for us. This way has never been there somewhere in this way. But by the fact that the game against FC Schalke 04 was imminent on Saturday night, the team had at least a sporting focus. The current exceptional situation at Welder requires a very sensitive handling of the professionals, as other things, said Fried, and finds: Undue here, we have mastered well.

Fried feels like his corona infection again fit

Health is the double vaccinated three-time Austrian national player after his corona infection Again fit. The disease in the form of fever and extreme sore throat had made clearly noticeable: I sweated at night, says Fried: Fortunately, that quickly went over again.

On demand, the Welder professional also pledged to vaccinate: Unclear must live with the consequences that they have to go in quarantine and that they are more easily infected. And I believe that the symptoms are lighter in a disease. However, a decision must make everyone for themselves. Whether for Fried on Saturday evening at Holstein Kiel (8.30 pm, live! At Bremen Health) will be enough for a mission, he can not forget himself yet: At the end of the week we’ll see how far I am.