Impact of Gen shin is on streak with replenishments. For the first time, fanatics receive a duo banner. Albedo and Eula will join and share the protagonism as repeated characters by rolling. Read on to learn how to build the student gentleman in the official construction guide of Decorator.

Albedo is a mysterious and intellectual captain of the research team of the Knights of Famous. He is also the main alchemist and known as Kreideprinz. Do not let your soft voice behavior deceive you; Albedo is a powerful Geo unit in which it is worth spending these precious primogemas.

Impact of Gen shin Albedo Compile Guide: Equipment function

Geographical characters tend to lean towards the role of Sub DPS / Support and Albedo is not different. By constantly placing the elementary skill of it and activating the elementary explosion of it, Albedo has the potential to synergize with appropriate teammates and provide several bonuses.

Albedo will also create shields for all the allies of him, which will allow them to stay in the field for more time and do more DPs.

impact of Gen shin Albedo Construction Guide — Talents

Normal Attack of Albedo: Famous Blade work — Weiss

Normal Attack of Albedo: performs up to five quick strokes.
Albedo charged attack: Consume endurance to throw two sword blows.
Albedo chopped attack: Immerse yourself from above, inflicts effect area damage when impacting and damaging the opponents on the road.

Elementary ability of Albedo: Biogenesis — Solar isotope

Albedo synthesizes a solar isotope that deals with AOE GEO GMG when activated.
Opponents damaged by the solar field isotope generate transient flowers. These make AOE GEO DMG and will be climbed from the RF of Albedo.
Transitory flowers can be generated once every two seconds.
The place of solar isotope will levitate in the air, which will allow the characters to use it as an elevator.
There can only be a solar isotope at a time.

Elemental burst of Albedo: Rite of progenitor: tectonic tide

Albedo invokes Geo crystals and explodes them, causing AOE GEO DMG to the area in front of him.

If it is activated when there is a solar isotope in the field, seven fatal flowers will be generated, which will generate an immense amount of AOE GEO DMG.

Impact of Gen shin Albedo Construction Guide: Artifacts

Shell of opulent dreams

This set is new in version 2.3.

The two-piece Set bonus Grants a 30% DEF bonus.
The four-piece game bonus gives the curiosity effect. Every time this character hits an opponent, he earns an accumulation of curiosity. They also get a stack every three seconds out of the field. Curiosity has a maximum of four accumulations and provides a 6% bonus to DEF and GEO DMG with each accumulation. One pile is lost every six seconds that the character happens without winning a stack of curiosity.

This new set is literally built for Albedo. Since Albedo’s elementary skill scale with the DEF of him, this set fits perfectly. In addition, the GEO DMG bonus adds additional damage to the elementary ability and explosion of Albedo.

Nobility requires

A set of common use in support and suburbs characters.

The two-piece bonus is an increase of 20% to elementary explosion damage.
The four-piece game bonus is a 20% ATQ increase bonus for all teammates, which is granted when the holder of the artifact uses its elementary burst.

While a four-piece game for Husk of Opulent Dreams is absolutely recommended, if you are interested in using Albedo to provide more support for your teammates, you will never be wrong with nobles.

Impact of Gen shin Albedo Construction Guide — Weapons

Murillo de cannabis

A 4-star sword available during the event.

Increases the damage to elementary ability by 40% of the DEF. Only one can be activated once every 1.5 seconds and 0.1 seconds will be erased after the DMG is over.
Secondary statistics increases the DEF by a maximum of 69%.

Cinnabar Spindle is the new albedo slot sword. Surprisingly, Scenario’s spindle will be available at an event instead of the banner of weapons. The increase of DEF and Elemental Skill DMG causes Cinnabar Spindle be absolutely essential for Albedo.

Sunrise omen

A 3-star sword is available in desires and missions.

When HP is above 90%, the CRT rate is increased by a maximum of 28%.
Secondary statistics increases CRT DMG at a maximum of 46.9%

The Harbinger of Dawn is amazing for Albedo as it increases both his Rate as his DMG. Since it is a 3-star weapon, refine it to rank five is easy, which means that the maximum this weapon is affordable. Since Albedo is rarely in the field, he must always be above 90% HP for bonuses.

impact of Gen shin Albedo Construction Guide: Composition of the equipment

The additional contribution of GEO DMG and Albedo’s shield make it the perfect sub DPS character. Fit it on a team with another GEO character is a good option, since it provides enduring rock resonance, which increases the force of the shield by 15%. In addition, the characters within a shield obtain an increased damage to 15% and decrease the enemy’s geographical res. By 20%.

Next to Albedo there should be a main DPS, a healer and possibly an ATK buffer.

A team for Albedo could be like this:

Niggling (GEO main DPS)
Sucrose (AEMO Sub DPS)

Albedo Build and Guide (Top Tier DPS Geo Battery) | Genshin Impact
Says (AEMO healing)

This is a team specially designed for Albedo. Niggling is the main DPS that will distribute the most DMG, but only after Albedo has entered the field and activated the elementary ability of it. With solar isotope, GEO DMG will be applied constantly along with the powerful DPS of Niggling. Occasionally, you will throw sucrose to the field to keep enemies within the solar isotope effect area, while you will also provide Swirl DMG and Says will keep all cured.

Since this team has two AEMO and two geography characters, Enduring Rock and Impetuous Winds Resonance effects will apply. Enduring Rock will increase the damage and keep the shields strong, while Impetuous Winds will decrease the stamina consumption, it will increase the movement Del by 10% and shorten the skill CD by 5%.

Albedo is an enigmatic and dangerous sub DPS character that resorts to Geo’s power to inflict harm to the enemies of him. While many consider that the powers of him are a danger to all Ronstadt, Albedo’s calm and intelligent behavior is as attractive as the mystery behind the origins of him.

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