Under the new coach Marco Rose, central defender Manuel Kanji (26) belongs to the BVB to the absolute master personnel. However, the Swiss has not thought about his future in Dortmund.

At the moment, I actually focus full on the team and try to bring my best possible performance. And then we will see what the future brings with him, Kanji said in an interview with the Kicker. In general, however, he feels very well in the team and with the coaching staff. There is nothing I want to change at the moment.

In recent years, the Swiss had to fight again and again with his vulnerability. That it runs so much better in this season is apparently at external help. I have been working with a mental trainer for about two years now. He helps me a lot, even if we usually talk to each other for ten, 15 minutes only before the games, said the 26-year-old. His one and a half years old son is an important emotional support for him, so Kanji.

And of course you go into the game with a better feeling and a greater self-confidence, if you play constantly well over a longer period. I feel very well in this team, the Swiss explained his last good performance.

To a voluntary break for reasons of regeneration, Kanji does not think at all — on the contrary: I like to play every game. For this I am here, I am used for the past years. I feel very good and fit. I want to make every game
Kanji comes in the current season on a total of 19 competitive applications for the BVB. His working paper in Dortmund is still running until 2023.

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