Whtiemoon did not build their reputation for 10 years to now — for apologize — give me a puppy with monetization in Broken Ranks.

The latest entry on the game website ( here ) applies to a business model, and more precisely, premium currencies (platinum), which will exist, but which will not be required to fully enjoy the gameplay.

What’s more, platinum can gain for gold from other players, through promotions to a higher level and through events, so even without real cash, we will be able to get such currency. A similar system exists in Albion Online, and Albion would never call the P2W game.

There is no wonder because it is one of the most important topics that we have not yet explained accordingly. We will do it in installments to clearly communicate to what principle the monetization in Broken RANKS will function.


Let’s start with the fact that in Broken RANKS the role of premium currencies meets the so-called platinum. Under no circumstances is required to enjoy the game. At this point, you will definitely think: everyone says so at the beginning, because nobody in their right mind would not advertise his title, as Pay it win. Of course, there is a lot of reasons, but in Broken Ranks, the premium currency is released in trade, so you can get it from other players for gold (free currency in the game), any items or even for free, if the other one will agree on it,

A model that appears in Broken RANKS is based on over 10 years of experience. In our previous production (The Pride of Tavern) there is an identical system, and it must be mentioned that he checked very well, gaining the approval of the community.

In summary: in Broken RANKS, simply take advantage of your merchant sense and exchange satisfactory both sides.


I managed to put up a bit of gold, or elevate a sword, helmet or another item from Boss? Great, certainly someone needs them! You can replace it with gold or a sword with another player on raw materials, missing helmet, or… platinum, our premium currency. As you can see, classic trade — platinum functions as one of the many items that can be freely operated.

Platinum forms

Platinum, as an object, occurs in the so-called Packages ( Platinum pack ). In the game, they are present in two variants: 10 and 50 platinum in the package. There is no limit of the number of platinum packages or restrictions related to trade.

How to get it in the game?

In addition to trade between players, for objects and gold, platinum in the game can also be gained differently:

for the promotion of characters to specific levels,
As part of the prizes during Events.

The entire Content is available without a platinum requirement, and all the best possible can only gain their own forces — from bosses, special mobs, through trade players and crafting.

When the Game is Pay to Win...

Global Prime Minister Broken RANKS is scheduled for January!