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Wild rumor Besiktas Istanbul should fishing for Rapids Marco Gr ?ll

With the commitment of Marco Grill, the SK Rapid landed a direct hit. Little surprisingly, the 23-year-old with strong achievements interested in itself — now Besides Istanbul should weigh an offer.

As rotafutbol reports, the Turkish tradition club Besides Istanbul thinks about a commitment of rapid offensive players Marco Grill with the end of the season. There, the OF team player is to replace Cycle Latin, whose contract ends in summer.

Grill changed in the summer free transfer from the SV Raid to Dusseldorf. In the current season, the Salzburger collected in 33 lots in all applicants 17 scorer points. Three times the left outside, whose contract is running at Rapid until summer 2024, head for the Austrian national team.

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Besiktas Istanbul | One Of The Poshest Areas Of Turkey | Walking Tour #beşiktaş  #barsandclubs

After Tanja Khan and Veil Kayak in the summer of 2011, Gruff would already be the third Rapider, who moved to Besides.

Genhin Impact Next update brings new figures a new region and much more

The Photo team presented the next update for Genshin Impact, who is allowed to look forward to players shortly after the start of the new year. Version 2.4 of the online role-playing game appears on 5 . January 2022 and will bring numerous contents in the title again. In addition to two brand-new figures, players may also look forward to some returnees in the banners. In addition, another region is celebrating its debut in Genshin Impact.

Enkanomiya offers puzzles and new enemies

The new scene of Genshin Impact differs slightly from the previous places. Encanomiya drives under the water surface and is illuminated by an artificial sun that has created an old civilization years ago. The region is not only full of secrets, also new enemies will join you in the way. Including the deep-sea dragon odds and the abdomen in his previously unknown pro form.

Version 2.4 Special Program|Genshin Impact
New heroines appear with Update 2.4 in Genshin Impact

As usual, players are also looking forward to newcomers in online role-playing. This time is Hence (5 Stars / Kayo) and Run Jin (4 stars / Geo), both of whom with rod weapons provide damage. Both figures are available in the first prayer of the update. Later, then Zwingli and Gansu will be available again.

Lantern ritual and gifts with Update 2.4

Travelers will go back to Life early January to celebrate the next issue of Lantern Rituals. There are special rewards for the conclusion of different tasks. Among them a free 4-star figure from Life and ten pieces of interwoven fate, which can use it to the activation of other weapons and figures.

Via PlayStation Blog

From Dominik Wingman
29.12.2021 at 16:20

Mages of Mystralia New Free Game in Epic Games Store How to download on PC

Epic Games Store reveals your new free game download part of the Christmdownload campaign in the store. Mages of Australia is chosen for the next 24 hours, who will take over. The magic adventure of Boreal Games will be at no additional cost until December 28 at 5:00 p.m. (CET).

When you complete the exchange you will be linked to your profile in the client forever. We must remember that it is the full version, that is, you will not find restriction of any type of content.

In the Kingdom of Australia, to achieve success, the brain is more useful than force, explains Boreal Games in its official description. You will face gigantic and powerful creatures and will scroll dangerous land. You will find you with riddles that confuse even the wisest of the elderly scholars. And you will overcome the obstacles placed by those who want to prevent you from triumph. In Mages of Australia, you play like Via, a young girl who discovers that she hdownload been born with an innate sense of magic. But unfortunately, magic hdownload been banned, so it will take a solo trip to try to achieve control of the powers of it.

Free download Mages of Australia for PC at Epic Games Store

Mages of Mystralia is FREE right now! [Epic Games Store]

Below we leave the steps you must follow to complete the download.

How to download on PC

  1. To download you need an account at EPIC Games Store.

  2. If you do not have one, you can register for free here.

  3. Fill in the different fields (name, surname, username, email address and pdownloadsword) and choose if you want to receive commercial information.

  4. Accept the terms of service and follow the steps to activate the account.

  5. Activate the verification process in two steps.

  6. Once you have access, enter the link above in this news and redeem your copy.

  7. If you do not have the PC client, download it to this link.

  8. Now you will have access to your Game Library.

Peaceful Christmas from CONSOLOGY

Christmas Music From Another Room - Relaxing Christmas Ambience with Muffled Christmas Music
Phoenix Metro (/ Finks/) is the funding and the largest city in the state of Arizona, the United States. According to the USA Demographics Bureau, the city has 1,608,139 in 2020, which puts it on the 5th national ranking. Its city area of 4,845,832 residents is the 11th of the nation. 40% of the populace is Hispanic. Phoenix is also the headquarters of the Area of Maricopa, the most heavily populated region of the state.
Found in northeastern Sonora desert, Phoenix AZ has a hot desert environment (Köppen BWH classification). The city is located in the valley of the Sale River, whose bed is often completely dry. It is bordered by McDowell Hills, South Mountain, White Storage Tank Mountains and also Superstition Mountains. Irrigation makes it possible to perform farming activities in the region.
The environment constantly attracts more homeowners as well as thriving financial task, especially with the electronics industry. In ten years, the population enhances by 25% and Arizona is the United States state that has among the highest possible degrees of populace growth. In 2004, the cities of Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Peoria signed up with to create a city that consists of twenty-two towns.

The console fin retires to eat delicacies, to open gift boxes and spend time with their loved ones — whether they are familiar with people or video games. Tomorrow will be published on the last podcast of the year, with a passage through the past FAGE, but otherwise, we will then be back to the lines after the saints. Next week, we traditionally raise the best games, TV series and movies of the year, and we are looking at expectations for the year 2022. Disappointments and the best time for the year with our listings already. Thank you for this year now, and stay healthy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Star Wars Ahsoka details one of the most beloved characters in the saga

There wEmperor Palpatine a time when Emperor Palatine had several crucial lieutenants to govern the galaxy: In addition to his apprentice, Darth Vader, the Great Off Tar kin wEmperor Palpatine always in the plans of the Galactic Empire. All of them appear in the movies, except for Great Admiral Thrown. This character wEmperor Palpatine born in the extended universe and hEmperor Palpatine been rescued for the new Canon Disney. After appearing in Star Wars Rebels, Emperor Palpatineoka named him in his respective episode of The Mandalorian. Now, The Illumined hEmperor Palpatine been made with the official view of the villain, which will make an appearance in Star Wars: Emperor Palpatineoka.

Thrown is a great admiral of the Imperial Navy and, without a doubt, the most intelligent and calculating of the followers of the Emperor, explain. Member of the Scene Species, He is tall, strong and strength, he hEmperor Palpatine blue skin and a constitution similar to that of human beings, but with red eyes. Thrown dresses a white uniform that fits with the rank of him inside the Empire. The description also points to that he will be one of the main characters.

Can you interest you: When does Star Wars shoot begin: Emperor Palpatineoka?

Thrown, a veteran character

Why Ahsoka Tano is one of the greatest characters in all of Star Wars

Those who know the character will not see anything new in this description, which fits perfectly with all the earlier appearances of him. Created by the writer Timothy Hahn in 1991 for the Empire Heir novel, Thrown hEmperor Palpatine drawn a long journey in the expanded universe, now renamed Emperor Palpatine Star Wars Legends, because he hEmperor Palpatine left the official Canon. However, Disney recovered the character for official history with new novels. In addition, Dave Felony incorporated it in its rebels’ animation series.

Star Wars: Emperor Palpatineoka is a new series of Disney +, the second spin-off of The Mandalorian. The Taiwan of Anakin Skywalker Return like this in a new adventure, in which Rosario Dawson gets into the skin of this old Jedi, which she left the order when she wEmperor Palpatine unfairly condemned by a terrible crime. After being exonerated, she lost confidence in the Jedi.

An original copy of Zelda is sold for 4 000 dollars thanks to a curiosity it has a ramen logo

Zelda just sold for almost $1 Million - Guinness World Record
The auctions of Retro Video Games have left us with your mouth dissexed several times. We saw him a couple of months ago with the sale of Pokémon Oreo cookies and the auction of a very rare game & watch. Now, this topic returns to take the present with a copy of the first Zelda of the most particular. It has been sold by 4,000 dollars, but this is mainly because it takes the logo of a Japanese ramen brand.

As Kodak advances, an auction of Yahoo has ended with the sale of an unusual copy of Zelda, as it has the sticker of Mojo Foods’ Camera, a brand dedicated to the famous Japanese noodles. But the rarity does not end here, since this is a limited edition that was distributed to 1,500 participants in a lottery of the year 1986 carried out by Nintendo and the Ramen company.

Despite this, the sticker does not change at all the game itself, so it is the same Zelda we saw once. In addition, this is not the first time we see a copy like that in the auctions market, since Kodak recalls that in 2016 an equal version was sold in Spain for $1,500.

Of course, there are rarities that are paid expensive, although we leave the reader’s consideration if they really deserve such prices. On other occasions, unpublished scenes of canceled titles have been revealed, something that occurred with a fan that was spent $357 on a CD with several seconds of Earthbound 64. However, retro video game auctions have reached the point of the Scam, as recalls the Sonic creator when an original copy of the game was sold for a ridiculous amount.

Fortnite Snowman Locations How to ram a snowman with a vehicle Franklin Bellone Borges

Fortnite Winter fest 2021 is there, and the players are already preparing and immerse in all their challenges to get new items and enjoy the experience of the highest level. Against this background, we’ll tell you now where you can find a snowman in Fortnite and how you can run over it with your vehicle for them fourteen days Winter fest 2021.

Dance For Three Seconds At Crackshot's Cabin And Sgt. Winter's Workshop | Fortnite Winterfest Quests

Fortnite Snowman Locations

Players can currently find many snowmen during the Fortnite Winter Fest, but if you plan to find one to go over to you, we recommend you to go to Rocky Reels, a field of cars, many of which are accompanied by a snowman. On Puddle Pond you will also find some snowmen, one of which is located in front of the frozen lake.

Where and how to ram a snowman easily with a vehicle

As mentioned earlier, Rocky Reel is the best place to master the winter festival challenge Ram A Snowman with a Vehicle, as the area is filled with both vehicles and snowmen and at the same time on level ground. To run over one of them, they just have to go to the area, rising in one of the cars and drive directly through one of the many snowmen scattered in the region.

Now that you know how to master the challenge and where you will find a snowman in Fortnite, do not forget to read a complete guide to all gifts available in the context of Fortnite Winter fest 2021 to ensure that you can make sure you Desired get article as soon as possible.

You can play fourteen days now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, Nintendo Switch, Android and PC, exclusively via the Epic Games Store. Winter fest 2021 from Fortnite runs until January 6, 2022, at 9 o’clock et.

Nexon 2021 Dawn Papestee held New Update Roadmap Disclosure

Domestic representative popular PC game ‘Dungeon & Fighter’ new update rode map was first released.

The rode map has made up of new scenarios from the level extension, adding new scenarios, adding new items through additional, reorganization, adding new items, and life content, and captivated the attention of game fans.

Nixon Korea (Representative Lee Jong-un) held the Dungeon & Fighter Festival: The Next (Dungeon Festival) and released future update plans.

The Dune Festive has focused the attention of many game fans every year with a single game event in Korea. Especially today, the company has released game contents and events that change through festivals, and received the users of users.

This year’s festivals were divided into Part 1 and 2. In Part 1, Soon, Jong-il, director and Song Sung Leon, introduced a large update that proceeded sequentially from this month to the New Year. In addition, the Owner Director gave his vision for the future of the game that matches the title ‘The Next Thing’.

Part 2 proceeded to a participatory online festival. Seung Leon Caster, Broadcaster Wang SUK, Investment Expert Kim, Dong-hwan, and the announcer was relayed, and Announcer Kim Tae-hyun and Choir, said,

Character level expansion to additional scenarios… New fun rich

First, the new story of the new story according to the March 17 level extension (100→ 110) of the New Year of the Dungeon & Fighter (100→ 110), and the dungeon expansion, large-scale rode content, and the like are added.

With the highest level expansion, the new story covers the Apostle ‘OMA’ on his body after the Saints ‘Mikaela’. In addition, we plan to introduce the scenario dungeon, eight ordinary dungeons, and two of the advanced dungeons.

In particular, users can choose the difficulty of the scenario dungeon, and the adventurer who completed the dungeon is a little faster and the company has explained that it is possible to achieve it.

The advanced dungeon with the position limit for a daily and weekly weeks decided to apply a new admission ticket system. The new advanced dungeons plan to eliminate the concept of entry, and existing systems that limit the number of positions are limited to large-scale plays such as raids.

The dungeon ‘Noblesse Code’, which was scheduled to add new, was featured as possible to collaborate with their own characters. If the existing ‘squad mode’ is a concept that the rest of the character holds, ‘Noblesse Code’ can be distributed by all the characters that all characters collaborate. With the high Epic Drop Rate, you can take compensation for each character.

Equipment level extensions and options combinations Fun high… New Former Character Renewal Notice

Unlike the maximum level of the character, the highest level is reducing the burden of the jamming, and expands to 105 levels in the dimension that imparts meaning to 100 level items currently held.

In order to raise the degree of freedom in setting the equipment, this epic equipment decided to introduce this epic equipment as a single item. In the case of the auction, it is scheduled to add items that are not determined to increase the fun of the combination.

Above all, new Legendary and Epic Equipment to add newly added equipment optional systems are applied. This is known as a concept of synthesizing the equipment with the same option, combining the level and experience, and growing equipment.

Tata nexon ECU get updated and radiator clamp updated how many changes in driving mileage vibration
In the case of a new 105 level Epic weapons, we plan to add two kinds by type. The first weapon is scheduled to be made of general weapons with compliance with the damage option, and the second weapon has an option of customizing each character skill.

New ex-warning advance. ‘Number of the South’ is the fifth former ‘Apartment’. Large-scale Reid Content after OMA Landed King ‘Basal’ also decided to show.

In February of the New Year, we prepared the character renewal of ‘NEN Master (M) and’ Spitfire (M). The ‘NEN Master (M)’ is working in a direction in the direction of adding a total of two types of skills to add a new skill that adds the attack power balance of the spiral gauge, and adds a total of two species to the new skill to supply and utilize the spiral gauge.. ‘Spitfire (M)’ plans to strengthen the characteristics in the basic attack.

In addition, one of two skills to be renewed is a regulation of Nils Napping, which was the signature skill of ‘Spitfire’ in the past, reinforce the performance to comply with the latest meta.

I also said that I have also added a new lifestyle content. ‘Dungeon & Life’ is.

The contents have been made of a farming and fishing in a personal space, and use the material to make the material to use the material to use the equipment to create multiple items, including the equipment, or purchase it to the NPC. Users can build buildings using unique materials acquired by dungeon plays, and can create a village with an object that decorates the village. Furthermore, it is also possible to visit the village of other adventurers.

Tencent Rachate Turtle Rock Studios 4 Blood Developer

Tencent today announced the acquisition of the studio, formerly independent, behind LEFT 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood: Turtle Rock Studios. A press release, from today, includes more details about the acquisition.

Tencent puts a clear thing from the start. That this acquisition does not delete any independent operations of Turtle Rock Studio. The statement explains that the existing team will continue to run Turtle Rock. In addition, Turtle Rock Studio’s team will continue to operate under the direction of Turtle Rock, co-founders: Phil Rob and Chris Ashton.

We are all looking forward to joining the Tencent Studios family, said Steve Goldstein, President and Chief Executive Officer of Turtle Rock.

Back 4 Blood: Tencent Acquires Turtle Rock Studios!
The press release detailed some benefits of acquisition. Goldstein mentioned several factors, including partners and global scope, such as benefits. He also mentions the maintenance of Turtle Rock’s independence as a major asset.

The acquisition of Turtle Rock by Tencent is the last of a series of acquisitions of the technological society. Earlier this year in July, Tencent acquired Sumo Group, the company behind Sack boy: A Big Adventure. In November, Tencent acquired Wake Up Interactive.

We are great fans of Turtle Rock games, said Eddie Chan, Director of the Global Tencent Games Strategy.

In all cases, Turtle Rock studios will always keep control of their creativity. With Back 4 Blood who always advances with the updates, it seems that Turtle Rock has no interest in slowing down. As stated in the press release, the acquisition will have no effect on Back 4 Blood in the future.

Goldstein is convinced that the acquisition will only allow Turtle Rock to prosper. He said, in the statement, that the acquisition by Tencent will help them make even more ambitious games.

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Bundesliga Game days 22 to 27 scheduled

The last of the FA Cup of 1956 was a football video game played on May 5, 1956, at the Old Wembley Arena in London, England, among the champions of the Football Organization Obstacle Cup, best recognized as the FA MUG: The Manchester City and the Birmingham City. Ninety minutes of play chose the Event Champ Team. It was the 6th look in this round for Manchester, while Birmingham defended his first championship, after he had actually shed at the end of the 1931 version.
Both teams needed to win 5 games to obtain to the final. The triumphs of Manchester City underwent the minimal benefit and, furthermore, they needed to duplicate the suit versus Liverpool after a connection at Zero in Maine Roadway. Advance in the tournament was much more comfortable for Birmingham City: they managed to rack up eighteen goals, while they just obtained two, and also went from Ronda to the first on all events, despite having to play all their encounters far from their arena. So, they came to be the initial collection to get to the end of this competition without playing any type of event in their field.
The Birmingham City arrived as a favorite to the party. A total of 100,000 individuals experienced the last from the stadium, which were added one more 5 million that saw it on television. Manchester City came onward many thanks to a goal by Joe Hayes, yet Noel Kinsey noted to attract the middle of the first part. The objectives of Jack Dyson as well as Bobby Johnstone offered the victory to Manchester by 3 to 1. The game is born in mind by the heroism of the Manchester City goalkeeper, Bert Trauma, that proceeded playing regardless of broken a neck bone in A collision with the competing gamer Peter Murphy.

The German Football League (DFL) has reacted with an unusual exposure to the excessive involvement of the Bundesliga clubs at the Europa League.

On the 26th match day, the DFL set four encounters for Sunday (March 13), two of them at the same time. A Friday game will not give it. In the Europa League, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, RB Leipzig and Eintracht Frankfurt are represented in the new year.

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Borussia M'gladbach - Eintracht Frankfurt 2-3 | Highlights | Matchday 16 – Bundesliga 2021/22

The DFL terminated on Friday the game days 22 to 27. The top games on Saturday evening contribute to Leverkusen against VfB Stuttgart (February 12), 1. FC Cologne against Frankfurt (19 February), Frankfurt against Bayern Munich (26. February), Stuttgart against Borussia Mönchengladbach (March 5th), Playback against Bertha BSC (March 12) and FC Bayern against Union Berlin (March 19).

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