Epic Games, formerly Epic Mega games (likewise understood as EPIC), is an American growth studio and a cary-based video game representative in North Carolina. The workshop is 40% possessed by the Chinese Net Giant Tencent yet the creator of the studio, Tim Sweeney, maintains complete control of the workshop with 51% of the actions.

As we mentioned a few days ago, the new season of Fall Guys arrives today. In addition to the outfits of Sack boy and Ghost of Sushi that you can use to boast in each of your games, Me diatonic, the study in charge of the game, announced the arrival of Multiplatform Provide with Epic Games accounts, in addition to Detail all the rounds that will debut in the season.

All your progress and content can be linked to your Epic Games account We know that many want to venture to multiple platforms, read the official statement. That’s why, we bring Epic Games accounts to season 6, so they can take their progress… where you want to play!


All the content you have purchased and unlocked so far, whether it’s available, plaques or your progress on the way to fame, you can link to your Epic Games account. If all your friends are in PlayStation, but you prefer to transmit live from your PC, now you can do both without any sacrifice.

As for the new rounds, we have 5 in total. ROUTE ROCAMBOOLSCO promises to be the wildest circuit in the game, swinging and dizziness contains rockers and fields of force, who return tube is a labyrinth of platforms and trampolines, Fleet will measure your aerial skills, and in the focus you will encounter your platforms Rotating and fans. Enter the official site if you want all the details about these new challenges.

Season 6 De Fall Guys is now available. We are happy to welcome you to the spectacular party of season 6 and to know your comments on the latest festivities of the beans, the statement concluded.