Broken RANKS is a 3D tavern. It would seem that we will receive a copy of the game from 2010, and the only novelty will be a new engine and a new graphic luminaire.

This is not entirely true. Indeed, Broken RANKS will contain virtually all content from the Pride of Tavern, but otherwise the studio of Wrocław Studio Edition is preparing a lot of news and improvements. Not only in visual terms.

That is why Broken RANKS should be called Rimmed or immediately full Studio Whitioon production. Because I assume that most players who try BR will not come from the original.

Yes, all that you know from The Pride of Tavern will be moved to Broken Rank, although not everything will be available for the premiere. Elements that we want to make the maximum to refine will be successively added in the immortal updates.

Some short, older side quests will not go to Broken Rank, for this part of the tasks have been rebuilt and refresh. We focus on quality, and we want to involve a player properly.

At the moment of the premiere they will not enter:

Instances: Marionette, Castle Spirit, Aqua Aegis, Valdaroga,
Some side quests (e.g. those associated with these instances),
The graphic models of some champions will be uploaded at a simplified, temporary version (we want to devote them more time after the premiere).

The news will be available:

rebuilt form wizard with the option of changing the skin color,
World Map with Exploration Section,
New, larger map of guild headquarters,
Tutorials that will approximate the fresh players of the basic game mechanics,

Najlepszy MMO z Polski? - Broken Ranks | Wrażenia z Bety

A new prologue with a new intro,
Renovated quests and additional side tasks,
quite a new interface,
new squeaking skins (so-called skin),
Team search engine in basic and advanced mode,
New language versions of servers,
New mechanics in old locations (e.g. instance of the Dusk and access to them),
Refreshing, redesign, larger image,
Red-designed balance of character development and prizes,
Renovated AI Parts of Bosses and Mobs,
Many other trinkets that you will see in January.
In addition, a lot has changed for both a visual strictly (Moby, land, attack animations, etc.), and functional, e.g. all the lands are larger.

Broken RANKS will start somewhere in January and in the initial phase will be available only on PC.