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On Saturday night Borussia Dortmund receives FC Bayern Munich for the absolute Bundesliga top game (from 18:30 clock). The BVB wants to add the third season to the record champion and take over the spreadsheet.

That it actually comes on Saturday, ex-national player Jürgen Kohler does not last for excluded, although he sees the Munich in the Favorites Role: I see a slight advantage for Bavaria and would rate the chances at 60:40. When it matters, Can the Bavaria do the switch. They just have it, said the 56-year-old talking to T-Online.

Kohler was under contract both at Bayern (1989 to 1991) and at BVB (1995 to 2002) and celebrated with both clubs with both associations. Which club has liked it better in the retrospect on his player career, the former world-class defender did not want to say concrete: Both are top clubs who have shaped me and my career. In Munich, I learned that the second place in principle has a loser is — this self-image, as a power athletes absolutely want to win titles. […] And of course I had seven outstanding years in Dortmund with many great games and a sensational audience — people who like you just do not want to bend and take, like you’re.

Kohler: The BVB must become bold!

At the point of view of the current power relations in German football, Kohler meanwhile wishes a bold approach of the competitors of Bayern. Not only the BVB, also teams like Bayer Leverkusen, VFL Wolfsburg or RB Leipzig, took the world champion of 1990 in the obligation.

In particular, from Dortmund er Russia, with the Kohler 1997 won the Champions League, he would wish himself more self-confidence and self-understanding in the formulation of their own goals: The BVB should clearly say: ‘Yes, we want to become master!’ The BVB must become more courageous and formulate his claims offensive, says the former man deck.

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It can not be that Bavaria is now mastered by the tenth time in a row! There’s something wrong in the league, Kohler added. For the last time, FC Bayern was dethroned in the 2011/2021 season in the Bundesliga when the BVB had secured the second championship in a row under Suspension Train Jürgen Klopp. Since then, the German master came from Munich every year.