The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only I don’t know what kind of game! And I am not a GAME SPARK reader. Therefore, it will be explosion play repo that delivers the contents of the game of game as soon as possible.

This time, we will deliver the Action Dungeon Crawler Fight Knight released in PC (Steam) from Development and Publisher’s Team Sorcerer on December 1, 2021.

This work made a Kickstarter campaign in 2017 and released the demo version, and various problems occurred, and there was a five-year release through twists and turns.

Fight Knight

Night Fights Ep 1 - Fistful of Lead Reloaded

This work is a game that fights Fight Knight that fights with the fist, and challenges the mysterious tower The Tower that appears from the earth, the action and dungeon crawler fused. The tower is divided into five or more zones, and the battle with the enemy is random encounter. Movement is a grid based such as 3D dungeon RPG, and the battle is a high-speed meat bullet that is developed in real time.

There is also a conversation with various NPCs in the way. Only a swordbiller who talks with a fist, conversation progresses by hitting the opponent…… Anniversary hero, as well as an alien. Graphic is an 8-bit retro style, and the music during battle is a song full of high-fried songs, and while moving the dungeon, it is a fever.

Operations support game pads and keyboards. Unfortunately, I could not find it in this explosion repo, but if Gantlet is available, it seems that changes will be created in battle.

Close to the contents of Fight Knight !

Everyone knows the story, the cursed tower The Tower has always appeared in various places. And along with the Tower, the surrounding town is an eternal night. The hero Fight Knight, which keeps track of such a tower, finally arrives at the Tower of the desire. The game starts from the scene that was hit by the captain Captain Cooke.

The tutorial starts with a sparring with the captain Cooke in the wake of sleep raised! The battle is the stage where a long passage such as a 2-lane is on the left and right, and first repeated lateral jump according to the captain’s instructions. Where the body warms up, take out some punch.

Two types of punches. The button is different in single shot and continuous generation, and in single shot, buttons are pressed for turtle attacks. In the case of a continuous occasion, one shot attack power is weaker, but the button is long pressed.

Enemy attacks should be avoided or back or behind. However, simply defensive, physical strength will be scraped slightly by little. At the timing of hitting the enemy’s attack, Paris will be Paris and the other party will be played.

The enemy changes red and the color changes at the moment, so it is relatively easy to measure the timing. Besides, there are upper cuts, and it is activated when the punch (single shot) is combined while moving behind.

And finally, the special move Specialties. There are up to three special moves, each of which is like mini-games and different ways. The first special move that can be used is Star-Eyed Special, KO wins with high speed punches that can be repeated with button continuous hit!

I finished sparring with the captain, I am departure immediately, but be sure to save. This work is defeated, all the progress until then persimmon…… Game over, and it will be re-re-re-reworked from the last saved point. How many times have you taught and tasted….

Save is possible to talk to the captain. Also, new special moves can be learned by passing a book that can be obtained in the dungeon to the captain. In addition, Fight knight during conversation is a humor-full of a humor that keeps hitting the other party.

If you are preparing, you will get off the port and get involved in the night watch. Apparently, a security soldier who is guarding not to approach the tower, but I lost KO with a strike that suddenly appeared. No, I’m sure Fight Knight was too scolded ahead….

Even if it is defeated by the enemy, a night watch that makes the kindness overflowing with Use this sword. And although I received a sword, it has a sense of feeling knight and grinding the sword as long as pride is not allowed, and there are also gag elements.

Puzzle Element Ali Handmade Dungeon

The dungeon of this work is different for each zone (stage), and the color also changes according to the zone. At first, it is an environment like sewer, but it becomes zone 2 with one tower to become a zone 2 in the desert in the desert with the pyramid. Each dungeon is a multi-layered structure in a two-layer structure.

Puzzle elements are simple contents such as pressing the switch to open the path, and to determine the position of the pitfalls, so the puzzle is difficult and will not proceed. However, it is a puzzle that there is no puzzle element or the dungeon structure does not change each time.

In addition, NPCs other than enemies will also appear in the dungeon. Even if the base increases at the base by meeting their requests.

Although each dungeon itself is not so big, the physical strength will be hot when many enemies are encountered. The recovery means rests on the captain’s ship or use a potion, and the number of potions that can be possessed at a time are limited to two. Because it is worn off and the immediate game over is waiting, it is required to survive to the base.

There are several types of potions, and you can buy it at item shop, but it is like making and made the necessary materials, so you have to defeat many enemies to create a content good potion and collect materials. You also need to pass a specific material to the captain to make it possible to use the special move to pick up in the way.

High Speed ​​Meat Circuit Battle

The battle of this work moves the two lanes freely and fight. Running from the battle is not possible. For that reason, the encounter rate is not so frequent. The enemy is the main battle mainly, but more than one in the proximity battle avant-garde and the long-distance attack of long-distance attacks. It is possible to damage if it is time to play with Paris with long distance attacks.

In addition, if the enemy who revives the avant-garde’s AKO is a back guard, it is very annoying because I will revive AKO many times as long as it is not defeated.

Powerful special moves are available up to three, and use energy when using. Energy can be stored up to three and will gradually accumulate when attacking an enemy. Each special move is a mini-game style, such as pressing button continuous hit and timing, and by technical skills.

It was Fight Night that has been introduced here, but the combination of meat and dungeon crawlers was a game that matched well. A step-up traveling of one step at the time of dungeon search is easy to take a punch while avoiding the enemy’s attack quickly with a light movement, and it is easy to make an action that the opponent is a Paris and decides the special move, and refreshing It is a dungeon crawler that can taste.

Title: Fight Knight
Compatible model: PC (steam)
Play model in articles: PC (steam)
Release Date: December 1, 2021
Author play time for article writing: 3.5 hours
Price: ¥2,050