The Saga Resident Evil has celebrated its 25th anniversary and fans have not stopped receiving new content throughout the year. In cinematographic terrain, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City has reached movie theaters as a restart of the franchise, pretending to be faithful to the original material, although facing first pretty tibias’ criticism.

But Welcome to Raccoon City has not been the only project that has arrived in this 2021, the Netflix animation series, Resident Evil: infinite darkness, released this summer in Netflix, although with a predictable and little inspired plot. All hopes are now deposited in the Netflix real action series.

We waited for the new series of Resident Evil for next year The series presented to its cast this summer, with faces as well known as that of Lance Red dick, who played Sales in Horizon: Zero Dawn and that It will assume the role of Albert Weaker. A Red dick will accompany him Paola Núñez, she Babinski, Adeline Rudolph, Tamara Smart and Saint Along. It has been Babinski who has shared in the Twitter account of her the first teaser of the series.

Epic Fail! Netflix Resident Evil Live Action Revealed! Absolutely ROASTED By Fans & Lance Reddick

The short video Teaser has shown us to one of the most popular enemies of the franchise, Zombies dogs. These animals infected with the V virus have been one of the dangers that have stalked us from the first delivery of the saga and is especially remembered for the anguished that its presence was because of its great speed. The Teaser ends with the name of the series that, at least for the moment, is limited to be called Resident Evil and the actress itself has shared the video along with Date 2022.