Activision Blizzard has another blow plug. The Game Awards 2021 they introduce any new games.

The negative news around and Activision Blizzard tear currently not decrease. An opportunity to present future games on the big stage, they now go through their fingers. One wants Activision Blizzard offer no stage on the Game Awards — they had simply no room for companies where there is abuse and harassment.

What are the Game Awards? The Game Awards were launched in 2014 by Geoff Kafka. This is always the host of the awards, but you may know him from Games com, for there he produced the program for the Opening Night Live where the greatest innovations are announced.

The game awards it comes to crown the best game titles last year in several categories. At the same time it is a way to reveal upcoming games and to show first exclusive images of the next top games for many publishers and developers.

For this year, the Game Awards on Friday, 10 December instead — from 1:00 am to 5:00 am.

What has now been said? On Twitter announced Geoff Kafka that Activision Blizzard no great appearance at the Game Awards will have. Only in the nominations diving games from Activision Blizzard, after all, Call of Duty ( Best Esports Game ) and War zone ( Best Ongoing Game ) were nominated.

On Twitter Kafka says:

The Game Awards are a time of celebration for the industry, the greatest form of entertainment in this Welt.

Port there is no place for abuse or harassment in any company or any Community.

Geoff Kafka on Twitter

He further explains in a subsequent tweet:

Mir is also aware that we have a great platform to inspire change and may accelerate. We are committed to, but we must all work together to create a better and more inclusive work environment where everyone feels comfortable and build as the best games in the world bonnet.

Geoff Kafka on Twitter

Game Awards refused to take a stand on Activision/Blizzard. Then Geoff Keighley changed his mind.
Anyone who has been looking forward to great new announcements from Activision Blizzard, will therefore probably not experience this at least on the Game Awards. Since at least Blizzard has canceled recently the BlizzConline 2022 was, at least probably anyway not much to expect from this direction.

What is the significance of this? That such a large developer like Activision Blizzard off the nominations and potential profits does not occur in the categories, is relatively rare. After all, the game awards are not only used to honor past title, but also to give an outlook for the future. Trailer or short comments developers to upcoming projects are fans and players a bit of hype — entirely on that it is quite solid advertising for their own projects.

That the Game Awards Activision Blizzard also want to offer any big platform, is another, quite open sign of rejection and joins many reviews. Even the boss of PlayStation and Xbox had been critical against Activision Blizzard, and especially Bobby Kick.