Friendly Fire is a charity occasion by German YouTubers and also banners on the online streaming solution Twitch. It takes area annually considering that 2015 on the first Saturday in December. There was one special on April 12, 2020, gathering cash for victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most recent stream got on December 4, 2021. Each stream is around 12h long as well as consists of a series of video games and also difficulties. Friendly Fire gathered an overall of over 6.5 Million EUR (7 Million US$) in donation money from viewers and enrollers. The cash obtains split equally between every year charities.
Friendly Fire 8 will certainly be on December 3, 2022, at 3pm CET. The occasion won a number of awards, consisting of the German video game honor in 2018.

Friendly Fire went to the seventh lap this year and could not break the record of simultaneous spectators from the previous year, but the number of collected donations. With more than 1.8 million euros, the German Streamer supports several aid organizations.

By donation, 1,283,704 euros were taken alone (current status at Better place) and over Merch probably another 600,000 euros. Thus, the team bakes behind Friendly Fire the brand of last year of around 1.6 million euros. In addition to a lot of nonsense, several sponsors with different prices ensured that the action wins awareness.

Thus, large brands like Asus and Xbox were there, and some publishers use the event to apply their games: Far Cry 6, Alex 2 and even the bus simulator 21 were officially registered as sponsors. Of course, they did not get money from the donations, which goes to nonprofit organizations like every year.

To whom go the donations of Friendly Fire?

Who the donations go, changes from year to year. This year, revenue will be paid to eight equal parts:

GMSA Weekends : Dec 04, 2021

A campaign of Heroes E.V., Improving CyBermobbing education and advice.


The club is committed to refuge, homeless and other needy people in Hamburg. This starts in the distribution of material donations and goes to the reintegration of people who had little luck in life.

Crazy? So what! — mental fit to school

The workshop of insanely human E.V. Helps students to deal with psychological violence and fears, talk about it and look forward to the future.

Funeral association for cancer children E.V. Cologne

Above all, the initiative attaches great importance to the parents’ house, where families have the chance to live together with their children on the hospital grounds, while they are in treatment.

together for a future without Alzheimer’s

The initiative belongs to the club Alzheimer Research Initiative E.V. and sets the money in research. Away from pharmaceuticals, the club is looking for means that are not aligned with a positive profit margin.

New rooms for Rubicon E.V.

The club supports people from the LGBTQ + community. Through self-help groups it should be possible to live fearlessly.

Puppy house — quarantine and infirmary for puppies from illegal trade

The project of the Animal Protection Lübeck u.u.e.v. stands for the construction of a puppy house in which the animals are collected and maintained, which are illegally brought to Germany from abroad. Due to illnesses, the animals have to live partially weeks in isolation. The house is intended to offer quarantine running surfaces and a treatment room so that the animals can be picked up as fast as possible and without excitement.


This initiative goes off by the Friendly Fire Team itself and should be created so that in short-term stalls can be helped quickly. The project manager of Friendly Fire Mikkel Robin refers to catastrophes such as the flood in Germany, where you want to jump quickly when necessary.

Who was at Friendly Fire 7?

The spectacle was hosted by Growth, with there were of course other streamers:

Piettsmiet (all five)
The Harder

Although the stream was only seen at Growth, you could see trailers and short videos for the upcoming event on the other channels. The pre-produced videos give only a brief insight into the stream, which was puzzled in front of very crazy challenges and chaos. Games, Quizzes, Balloons Obs counted, Giant UNO and Games, which are apparently inspired by Squid Game, make the stream still worthwhile in hindsight.

Where can I catch up Friendly fire 7?

While the stream on YouTube will probably appear in a few days on the channel of Pietetsmiet, it was meanwhile also looked at Growth.TV. The maximum number of audience was well over 100,000, which applies the event as one of the largest German streams. Although there was a smaller spectator peak than last year, but this is important in view of the donation sum and one can look forward to this service fully.

From Antonia Dealer
06.12.2021 at 15:52