If These Moments Were Not Filmed, No One Would Believe It!
For this purpose, after Football League information on the general meeting of the German Football League on December 14, the foundations are to be created.

In a principle decision, the 36 clubs are intended to anchor a commitment to sustainability in both the statutes of the Ligaverband and economic, ecological and social sustainability criteria as new category to the licensing order. The principle was a recommendation for the Taskforce future professional football.

Currently, an AG developed, in which Axel Hellman (Eintracht Frankfurt), Ilia Kenny (VFL Bochum), Niels Ross ow (1st FC Nuremberg) and Alexander Were (1st FC Cologne) are sitting, in coordination with all unite criteria that Another general meeting will adopt in the coming months. A three-stage model is provided: minimum criteria to be fulfilled; Extended criteria that are proportionately fulfilled; Incentive criteria that are rewarded monetary and non-monetary by the Ligaverband.

Once anchored, a pilot phase starts in which the clubs are assessed without relevance for licensing in order to be able to make adjustments. For the season 2023/24, the clubs must then meet the sustainability requirements.

Wake turns to choose from

Another agenda item: BVB Managing Director Hans-Joachim Wake introduces itself to the Choice of Supervisory Board of DFL-GmbH and the post as the first deputy of the future DFL boss Donate Hops in the Presidium.