At the beginning of the story of End walker, the latest expansion final Fantasy XIV, you get a very important item. The origins of it but in a Greek myth, which you all know: the Pandora’s box.

Warning This article contains spoilers about the story of FFI: End walker. Unless your progress in the main scenario is yet to level 85, you should avoid the product if you are not despoiler want. If your progress has led you already beyond the Lvl85 MSC, then you can continue.

Used in comments also please the spoiler function.

Like many other games also be FFI operated extensively in various fields from real life. Concepts from philosophy, art and literature as well-known personalities from the history can be found there as names of NPCs or places again.

Most frequently, however, the developers make use of the real world on a variety of mythologies and religions. The father of the gods Odin, about Hindu deities such as Shiva, Garuda and Lakshmi, to Susan from Japanese Shinto tradition.

Accordingly, the most important item from the new add-on End walker has its origins in mythology.

To which item are you?

After Madelyn many patches has been silent long the Warrior of Light in Shadow Bringers, there are End walker finally back some conversations with her. You can see their original form as Vent and receives during the first quests at level 80 directly a small gift from her.

This is a special flower that initially has no unique name. But it has the ability to change color depending on the feelings of those around them.

The item is extremely important, according Madelyn. It is intended to accompany the warrior of light on his journey and have him or her the right way. And so you wear it over a long period of time with him, attempting to figure out what is going on with the special flower on it.

Finally, the players learn during their visit on the moon that the flower is named Ellis. And in that name there is a lot of symbolism, because he was originally from Greek mythology.

Ellis and Pandora’s Box

The myth of Pandora belongs in Europe to the best known stories of Ancient Greece. The blacksmith god Hephaestus to create ordered long ago Zeus a beautiful woman of clay to be sent to Earth to humans.

Of other gods she receives gifts as musical talent, charm and enchanting language, but also curiosity and mischief. You name it, and it is Pandora to Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus, brought as a gift.

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Contrary to the warnings of his brother Epimetheus married Pandora, but it brings a dangerous wedding gift with them. Zeus gives her a box in which all evil in the world and the hope are imprisoned. Overwhelmed by their curiosity, Pandora opened the box, and she leaves the plagues free.

Fun Fact: The original version of the myth speaks of an urn or a container of worms. It was called pathos and was usually filled with wine, oil or grain. The change to a can happened because of a mistranslation. Was the Latin Pyxes from the Greek Pathos what box means. This version then spread.

At the end in the box only hope was left, and her name was Ellis. In Greek mythology, Ellis is also presented in the form of a goddess who has the appearance of a young woman with flowers or a cornucopia in their hands.

She is now the only good-natured goddess who dwells even among men, while the evils devastate the world and make life difficult on it. All others were withdrawn by the end of the Golden Age, which ended with the release of the evils on the Olympus.

And while the poet Tennis also complains that the world and people have become poor, he also says that they can continue to rely on Ellis. Because hope is comfort them and help in the dark ages.

What does it mean for FFI? The concept of hope for a better tomorrow runs through FFI like a thread. Again and again, fight the player character and NPC friends and hope the world by something better. The story of FFI leads frequently reminded that although there are many bad and evil in the world, you still should not give up hope.

Whether during the Dragon War in Heaven Ward, the reconquest of Dome and Ala High in Storm blood or the rescue of the first splitter in Shadow Bringers. The characters fight and hope despite minuscule chances and worse losses they suffer it.

In End walker, this hope of the flower gets a shape and function, namely to bring the player’s character to the right way so that he can prevent the end of the world. What do you think of the symbolism of the Ellis flower in End walker? Do you find it suitable? How do you like the add-on General until now? Write us into the comments, and please use the spoiler function. Final Fantasy XIV brings new extension End Walker — Release Date and all info