Wonder Woman - Official Game Announcement Teaser
WB Games has announced a new muter wonder video game. The game is being developed by Monolith Productions, the Creator of Tries Media: shadow of war. The game is described as an open world action game for a single player who will present an original story set within the DC universe. In particular, the game will be driven by the Nemesis system, the same system used by Tarry Media: Shadow of Mordor. Notably, The game will use the Nemesis system to establish connections with enemies and allies.

No other details were announced for the new video game, such as a launch date, platform or relationship with other DC video games. This is the first time that Wonder Woman receives her own video game on her solitaire. You can see the initial progress below:

Monolith Productions is best known for Tries Media: Shadow of Mordor and his sequel Tarry media: shadow of war. Shadow of Mordor won the game of the year in 2014, in part because of its nemesis system that progressed to several NPCs that managed to kill the player during the course of the game. Monolith has not posted a game from samba, so it is likely that they have been working on muter wonder since then.

This will be the first time that Muzzy Mara villa got a dedicated solo video game, apart from a dark Flash Player game released in 2011. Although for a long time it was considered part of the Trinity of DC’s main superheroes (together with Batman and Superman. And the star of a popular live action television program series, the character has not received the same dedicated impulse until recently. Wonder Woman has appeared in several films, including two solo movies run by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot. Wonder Woman has also had prominent roles in multiple video game projects, especially in the injustice franchise. It is widely expected that Wonder Woman also makes an appearance in the next Mosquito suicide: Kill the Justice League Video Game to be launched next year.

Obviously, this will be an important launch, and it is likely that we get more information in the coming months. Wait listening to more news about this important Muter wonder project soon here at comicbook.com.