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patch 2.3.1 for Diablo 2: Resurrected is actually still warm yet there’s been the view of the upcoming update 2.4. With the Blizzard developers have big plans namely! First, the Devs want to noticeably improve the crude class balance of the original. Second, is the first ladder of the Resurrected era on the program, with several variants, new rune words and mercenary adjustments! And it shall be to implement the feedback from the community at the Third Patch.

We have received from Blizzard not only a lot of preliminary information about patch 2.4, we were able to talk to Matt Federalist (Senior Game Producer) and Rob Gallery (Studio Design Director) about the planned changes and the soon upcoming PTR test.

The first Ladder from Resurrected

When exactly the first Ladder from Diablo 2 starts Resurrected and how long it will run, which currently do not know even Blizzard. The answers to both questions are intended to provide the PTR Test debut 2022nd But it is clear that the Ladder will offer four versions, which we know from Diablo 2 Classic:

Standard Ladder : The normal version of the ladder, which will include the first four acts.
Hardcore Ladder: The hardcore version of the Ladder (one life), which will include the first four acts.
Standard Ladder with extension : The normal version of the ladder, all five acts will include.
Hardcore Ladder with extension : The hardcore version of the Ladder (one life), all five acts will include.

At the end of a ladder season’s Ladder characters to the non-Ladder version are transmitted of the game. At the start of the next Ladder participants then create new characters.

Bye, Bye Vanilla balance!

It is now that Blizzard has adjustments made to the classes of Diablo 2 more than eleven years ago — that was with Patch 1.13c. Here, there are enough sites in the past (and current) Vanilla meta who want to be fixed, and it is these sites are with patch 2.4 on the to-do list of developers.

The goal is to make currently quite weak articulations stronger or more interesting to the players to offer more choice of playable builds. What they want to do under any circumstances: currently popular or weaken strong build. Here are some concrete objectives of the proposed class changes:

The Amazon especially diverse combat skills will be strengthened, but also skills for bow and crossbow could cover the higher difficulty levels buffs tolerated.
The martial art builds of the assassin can tolerate love. There’s also some pitfalls that are hardly used. They also earn a buff.
When Barbarian’s in terms of the number of playable builds also room for improvement — especially in skills such as Grim Guardian or jump attack see the Devs potential. In addition, the designers want to see the double throw and throwing weapons control. If that could end up in a ricochet effect with AOE component as we know him from Diablo 3, ends, we wanted to know. The response of the developers: they themselves do not yet know how the final version will look like in the end. The PTR and the feedback from the community will be crucial.

In Assassins and Druids will 2.4 of Diablo 2 Resurrected lot do with patch. Source: Blizzard

For the Druids developers have the same identified several sites: The Magic Fire are too weak, the use of Arctic wind does not feel good, and the incantations are on high levels of difficulty just not strong enough. All this is to be resolved, in addition improvements are planned for the were bears.
When Necromancer especially rarely used incantations such as skeletal mages and some golems are to be strengthened. Looking at the higher levels also some bones skills could use a buff.
Even the Paladin has some skills rarely used in his arsenal, for example sky fist that need to be Blizzard. Want to continue to optimize the scale offensive auras like thorns the Devs.
For sorceress all Armor spell will in certain situations meaningful benefits offer. In the field of lightning and fire spells still some asleep on potential.

IMPORTANT : All of these classes are adjustments in the ladder-and non-Ladder area are implemented. Who wants to play after patch 2.4 the vanilla Meta, Diablo must reinstall the two Classic.

New Rune words and recipes

With patch 2.4, numerous new recipes for the Horatio cube are to come into play, including ripen words for all phases of the game (game start, midgame (where the developers see the greatest need), endgame). In addition, you should have the opportunity to upgrade set items through some fresh recipes. At all, very weak set items are to be braced, with other bonuses, for example.

IMPORTANT : The new Rune words and recipes are only available for the ladder and offline characters! If you play in the course of a ladder item with exclusive Ladder Rune words, then at the end of the season, they end up in the non-ladder version of the game in three new riders of your chest, from where you will then take out and use may. Also, important: it is not possible to use these new riders as an additional storage space, you may only take out objects of these, but do not take new ones.
The melee skills of the Amazon could tolerate a buff. Source: Blizzard

More mercenary variety

Speaking of: The developers will offer new rune words that are specifically directed to mercenaries. It fits great, after all, class adjustments are also planned for the rentable fighters to make the mercenaries more attractive, which so far are rarely used. The Barbara from act 5 could have, for example, access to special screams, which would fit well with his class fantasy.

PTR for patch 2.4

Again and again the developers emphasized that so far nothing is carved in stone. At the beginning of 2022, the public test server should go online with the hundreds of patch 2.4 changes and then the feedback of the tester will be crucial for what ends in which form ends on the live servers.

Further findings from the interview

Studio Design Director Rob Gallery was one of two Blizzard developers who have taken time for our questions about Patch 2.4 by Diablo 2: Resurrected. Source: Blizzard Some info bats from our conversation with Matt Federalist and Rob Gallery we have already incorporated into the item. In the following you will find a few points that have not yet come up with:

With patch 2.4, many of the bugs are growing, which were addressed by the D2R players over and over again. These include the attack pace inconsistencies, which were recently picked up by various YouTuber.
No changes are planned for the drop rates. So, for example, you can not hope that you can put together rare rune words faster in the course of a ladder season.
There are currently no plans to improve the unique rewards per level of difficulty from Anya, Ankara, Chars and Or mus. If sufficient many players want customizations, this could become a topic.
For all the changes in patch 2.4, however, the developers do not want to intervene too much into the game systems. Adjustments for, for example, the resistors and immunities are not planned first. At the same time, Matt emphasized that everything depends on the player feedback, and you do not want to exclude anything categorically.
The Spread-Builds in Diablo 2 often seem stronger than melee-matches, is also how the original was developed and designed at the time, namely like a kind of tabletop game with fields and time windows. Today you would not build an action RPG anymore. Due to the planned class changes, however, the currently rarely played melee builds should be noticeably stronger.

Diablo 2 Resurrected - Is Firewall Still Viable After Recent Bug Fix
Streaming Event on 16 December 2021

In the course of the interview, the developers unfortunately did not want to reveal any concrete examples of new pinewoods or comparable innovations. However, developers want to go to the depth at a developer stream on December 16, 2021, at 20:00 of our time. As the host, the well-known Diablo-2 veteran LLAMAS acts — here’s his Twitch channel. In the course of the stream, some questions should be answered by the spectators

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