The Gunk by Thunderous is now available for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

Players can now enter the fascinating alien world of The Gunk via Xbox Game Pass or the Microsoft Store and explore the secret behind the strange hypnotic substance that prevents the otherwise blooming ecosystem of a mysterious planet from waking up again to life.

In the gunk, the players hatch in the role of Ran, one half of a room driver duo encountered on a seemingly barren planet infested by a strange, undiscovered substance that they call The Gunk.

The Gunk - Launch Trailer

Ran and her partner Beck’s wonder if their days in whom they had to fight for resources could be over the laps could be over with this unusual discovery.

But there are other important questions to answer: What exactly is the gunk? How did it come here? What existed for a world before his arrival? And what happened to the old civilization that only left ruins?

Download The Gunk for Xbox — 24.99 euros or free with Game Pass

In The Gunk, the focus is on exploring a wondrous and diverse alien world that is to discover. The biomes range from rocky canyons over dense jungle to deep underground caves (which is finally the team behind Dreamworld) and some other surprises.

The mucus makes all these areas infertile, but if you remove it with Ranks upgradeable, mucus absorbing power glove, you discover a flowering ecosystem that seems to be suppressed by this mysterious and destructive mucus.

During their exploration, Ran can scan the environment to make new discoveries and learn more about this fascinating world. These discoveries are recorded in a logbook and give the players who deal with these entries, information about the events on this planet contaminated by Gunk.

Game Director UHF Harelips, said, We are pleased that the players finally can attend the aliens world we have lovingly created in The Gunk for Xbox and PC. We wanted to tell a ‘adhere’ story as in our previous games, and that’s exactly what we want to deliver here in this rich Sci-Fi world in which the players will hopefully have a lot of fun.