To properly celebrate the Winter Convergence Festival, the New World store starts offering items to Sternum adventurers. The theme of these elements, as expected, is the holiday of winter convergence. This offer is similar to the one we could have for Halloween, with the small pumpkin to pick up free. To collect the items, we will have to visit the game store and go to the Offers section to find free rewards. However, the items are available for limited time and waves. In total, We will have 5 waves of free rewards, of which we can obtain a set and decorative elements for our house, as well as an exclusive emoticon.

Mark your calendars, as there are several dates to claim the free rewards of the Winter Convergence Festival, and it would be a shame to lose this opportunity.

The New World Advent Calendar

From December 17 to 18

Object for houses Easter flower convergence (x2)
Hunter festive shelter

From December 19 to 20

Hunter festive walking boots

Hunter festive skins

From 21 to 23 December

Hunter festive gloves

From December 23 to 24

NEW WORLD WINTER CONVERGENCE FESTIVAL EVENT GUIDE Gypsum, Winter tokens, Costume and housing items

Gestures of chill

From December 25-27

Hunter Festive Hood
Object for houses Convergence crown

As a reminder, you must collect these rewards within the indicated dates, since they are temporary exclusive, and you can not get this type of objects later. Even if objects do not care much, remember that they are totally gifts, so you can also take advantage of the opportunity to complete your collection of objects and cosmetics.

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