Tencent today announced the acquisition of the studio, formerly independent, behind LEFT 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood: Turtle Rock Studios. A press release, from today, includes more details about the acquisition.

Tencent puts a clear thing from the start. That this acquisition does not delete any independent operations of Turtle Rock Studio. The statement explains that the existing team will continue to run Turtle Rock. In addition, Turtle Rock Studio’s team will continue to operate under the direction of Turtle Rock, co-founders: Phil Rob and Chris Ashton.

We are all looking forward to joining the Tencent Studios family, said Steve Goldstein, President and Chief Executive Officer of Turtle Rock.

Back 4 Blood: Tencent Acquires Turtle Rock Studios!
The press release detailed some benefits of acquisition. Goldstein mentioned several factors, including partners and global scope, such as benefits. He also mentions the maintenance of Turtle Rock’s independence as a major asset.

The acquisition of Turtle Rock by Tencent is the last of a series of acquisitions of the technological society. Earlier this year in July, Tencent acquired Sumo Group, the company behind Sack boy: A Big Adventure. In November, Tencent acquired Wake Up Interactive.

We are great fans of Turtle Rock games, said Eddie Chan, Director of the Global Tencent Games Strategy.

In all cases, Turtle Rock studios will always keep control of their creativity. With Back 4 Blood who always advances with the updates, it seems that Turtle Rock has no interest in slowing down. As stated in the press release, the acquisition will have no effect on Back 4 Blood in the future.

Goldstein is convinced that the acquisition will only allow Turtle Rock to prosper. He said, in the statement, that the acquisition by Tencent will help them make even more ambitious games.

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