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Phoenix Metro (/ Finks/) is the funding and the largest city in the state of Arizona, the United States. According to the USA Demographics Bureau, the city has 1,608,139 in 2020, which puts it on the 5th national ranking. Its city area of 4,845,832 residents is the 11th of the nation. 40% of the populace is Hispanic. Phoenix is also the headquarters of the Area of Maricopa, the most heavily populated region of the state.
Found in northeastern Sonora desert, Phoenix AZ has a hot desert environment (Köppen BWH classification). The city is located in the valley of the Sale River, whose bed is often completely dry. It is bordered by McDowell Hills, South Mountain, White Storage Tank Mountains and also Superstition Mountains. Irrigation makes it possible to perform farming activities in the region.
The environment constantly attracts more homeowners as well as thriving financial task, especially with the electronics industry. In ten years, the population enhances by 25% and Arizona is the United States state that has among the highest possible degrees of populace growth. In 2004, the cities of Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Peoria signed up with to create a city that consists of twenty-two towns.

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