The Photo team presented the next update for Genshin Impact, who is allowed to look forward to players shortly after the start of the new year. Version 2.4 of the online role-playing game appears on 5 . January 2022 and will bring numerous contents in the title again. In addition to two brand-new figures, players may also look forward to some returnees in the banners. In addition, another region is celebrating its debut in Genshin Impact.

Enkanomiya offers puzzles and new enemies

The new scene of Genshin Impact differs slightly from the previous places. Encanomiya drives under the water surface and is illuminated by an artificial sun that has created an old civilization years ago. The region is not only full of secrets, also new enemies will join you in the way. Including the deep-sea dragon odds and the abdomen in his previously unknown pro form.

Version 2.4 Special Program|Genshin Impact
New heroines appear with Update 2.4 in Genshin Impact

As usual, players are also looking forward to newcomers in online role-playing. This time is Hence (5 Stars / Kayo) and Run Jin (4 stars / Geo), both of whom with rod weapons provide damage. Both figures are available in the first prayer of the update. Later, then Zwingli and Gansu will be available again.

Lantern ritual and gifts with Update 2.4

Travelers will go back to Life early January to celebrate the next issue of Lantern Rituals. There are special rewards for the conclusion of different tasks. Among them a free 4-star figure from Life and ten pieces of interwoven fate, which can use it to the activation of other weapons and figures.

Via PlayStation Blog

From Dominik Wingman
29.12.2021 at 16:20