Ares Chronic, which is scheduled to serve as Sung Games, exceeded 110,000 pre-reserved books.

The ‘Ares Chronic’, which displays MMORPG ‘,’ Ares Chronic ‘, which is a giant scale, is a Mobile MMORPG that enables colorful actions, including character fostering characters as a background of multidimensional space. The darkness of the impairment of the universe has threatened the Else planet, and the player draws a journey to handle the set of cloths to stop.

The player can choose to use a remote class ‘Arcadia’, Spear, which uses magic as focusing on the magic, and the dragon knight, which is aware of the workshop, and the phantom Assassin, which uses a pair of swords, based on this, With PVP content such as Guild, you can experience and grow EVE content such as salting and PV content.

[Illusion Connect] Ares Battlefield Season 9 Part 4 PVP 11K-13K SONIA IN ACTION

In addition, Arescronicle provides a PVP mode of a multi-side PVP mode such as a guild before the 1VS1 confrontation. You can enjoy PVP as a concept of multi-aspect, such as battle and fighting the battlefield and fighting the battlefield and fighting the party with a party, and fighting and fighting, and fighting, We will provide the high-quality action suggested by Ares Counsel through various PVP modes based on confrontation and compensation.

Meanwhile, Ares Chronicle released the silhouette of the advertising model through the official café on the past 2 days. The operation said, I have not disclosed models yet, but in 2021, I said, I am a middle-aged actor and astonished learner, which is co-emerging in the hottest drama in 2H11, said the special guest that was emerging with the model.

MMORPG Ares Chronicle beyond miracles started a preliminary reservation from December 15 last year, and more details on the game can be found in Ares Counsel official cafés.