The Halcyon is a British significant collection transmitted from January 2, 2017, up until February 20, 2017, by ITV. The collection was developed by Charlotte Jones as well as featured the welcomed engagement of the actors and also vocalists Jamie Callum, Eric Gordon, Alex Jennings, Beverley Knight, Charity Wakefield as well as Danny Webb, to name a few. It shows life in the English capital and also the effect of armed forces’ problem in family members, national politics, links and also resolve all social strata. On March 9, 2017, it was revealed that the collection had actually been terminated after completing its very first season.

Bank errors in her favor, it says at Monopoly — in reality, this is now the major bank Santander in London. Because of a technical error, Santander has transferred 75,000 account holders a total of 130 million pounds (around 155 million euros) too much. The bank doubled inadvertently monthly payments of 2000 company accounts, as the newspaper The Times reported on Thursday. Now the financial institution tries in conversations with the banks of the account owners to return the money. The company accounts had not been damaged — the double amounts were therefore paid from the reserves of Santander. The double payments were the result of an appointment problem that we quickly identified and resolved, said a Santander spokeswoman of the newspaper. The recipients and the purpose of the payment will be different depending on the customer, but also wages or supplier payments could be affected.