Recent data mines have revealed an exciting addition to Pokémon Go. The popular Mobile Ar game has continuously added new creatures to the game. They extended the Pokédex to include all the existing monsters of the original games. Now, it seems like there are more in store.

Following the last game update, the data miners plunged to see which new secrets were hidden in the update. According to Premiers, the Pokémon Hessian will arrive in the game earlier than expected.

According to this Data mine, Hessian Volt orb will be one of the first new creatures that Ni antic will add. They say he will probably be debuted next month as part of the heritage season scenario. We do not know if it will be the only Visual variant to come in the game, or if others the next game of the series will make their way.

The Pokémon Hessian are the new creatures that will make their debut in the highly anticipated Pokémon Legends: Areas. While this game should go out on Switch later this month, we do not know when these regional variants will appear in the mobile game.

While Pokémon Go is still short of the complete list of separate 898 Pokémon found in the original series of consoles, we are getting closer to the full Pokédex. Which Pokémon Go missing would you like to see added next?