Experience would not be aware of ADI Hunter, certainly. For over a decade, the Austrian now works in the coaching job, he has already experienced some complicated moments on his former stations, but the current phase at Borussia Mönchengladbach represents a new challenge for him. That’s the most difficult situation in my 13-year-old activity, said Hunter on the press conference.

The Blamable 0: 3 in the DFB Cup at Hanover 96 After a desolate appearance of the team, the location in Borussia-Park has tightened again. A lot of criticism is prolonged to all stakeholders. In the center is above all the coach.

Absolutely sovereign, Hunter went to the topic on Friday. For him, it is a normal process that the coach is questioned in such a situation, said the 51-year-old. That criticism is there, also what my person is concerned is nothing new and also a normal process, further Hunter said, emphasizing: I feel a lot of trust within the club, of the acting persons, of those responsible. That counts For me. I’m doing very well too. But we all know that we have to come out of this situation as soon as possible.

We have to fight out of this situation and not only play it playfully.

ADI Hunter

How to look like the solutions to the many sporting problems, also talked about the coach who feel not approximately attractive. He wool from the team do not make a fighter troupe, but the basics of football playing should be clearer again clearer. To assume this fight is the most important called Hunter. We have to fight out of this situation and not only play it playfully.

A slightly deeper basic alignment

In the square could be an approach that the team does not attack so far forward. A slightly deeper basic orientation to achieve more stability, evidently plays considerations in hunters to make the defensive less vulnerable. But even in the offensive game it has been huge for a long time. There are many hopes of Jonas Hoffmann, whose return is reflected after the knee-op. The national player introduces game strength and finesse, is an ideal connecting player between midfield and attack. And Hoffmann is also home-dangerous, with seven hits even Russia’s best contactors.

Hope shimmer Hoffmann

Whether he plays from the beginning or later comes into play, we still decide, Hunter said. One must take into account that Hoffmann was a long time, but he is a glimmer of hope.

Beyer and Kramer continue

Jordan Beyer falls out with a muscle injury. And Christoph Kramer is not yet available for his illness for the Union game. Denis Bavaria, in Hanover after the breathing break already replaced, offers itself as a starter option.


Difficult theme Bavaria

The Swiss (contract runs off) could still leave Playback in winter. A difficult topic for the Brussels. On the one hand, the club needs revenue. On the other hand, a farewell Makarios would be a great loss in the sporty difficult situation. Should an offer come in, you have to think about, we will also put together. In a sporty, it would not be good if we would lose Denis Bavaria, Hunter said.