Even though the annoyance of BVB fans after the cup-out of the second league leader FC St. Pauli was primarily against the players, coach Marco Rose did not come to it. Trailers like the media wondered if the 45-year-old, who turned only three times and responded only late tactically, greater – and above all earlier – reconstruction measures would have to take to turn the threatening bankrupt.

On Friday, Rose then gave a rare insight into tactical and personnel decision-making during the game and reported on the discussions that were led to the bank within the coaching team. The question of the system or after that one takes out – these are things we also discuss, to decide them to the best knowledge and conscience, said Rose and called as an example a possible take-in of Marius Wolf – the instead over The entire playing time outside sat – or a change to a two-point system. There are always balances. And in Hamburg we decided to change late.

Rose: If you lose, the arguments are not mandatory at the coach

Among other things, this decision was so hit because the offensive players at the Bank – Yousuf Mouton, Steffen Tinges or the non-named Ranger – had no rhythm. To at least partially change, Tinges will storm on Friday for Dortmund U 23 against Freiburg II. Also, Youngster Mouton collected in second representation last game practice in a test against Alemannic Aachen.

Next time, we may be decided earlier, Rose cleared and accounted for: If you lose, the arguments are not mandatory at the coach.