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New Elden Ring Streamer

Update from February 28, 2022: Because Elden Ring will certainly not lose popularity in the near future, we simply do our collection of funny and ridiculous hero fails in the intermediate land. This time we have a fail of one of the biggest twitch streamers at all, namely XQC, which has already put 90+ hours at the time of Elden Ring Adventure.

XQC Failed his runes

He was on the way to collecting his runes he lost after an unfortunate death. Sticking point: It was around 400,000 runes, which he has steamed with his already high-stage character within an hour. A death in Elden Ring is nothing bad per se. However, if you turn on the way to his corpse too… then you probably react because of his own “stupidity” like XQC. Unfortunately, we can not explain to you with the Chicken Nuggets.

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Atrioc plays the Tree Sentinel for 7 hours

Also the following clip is beautiful, because he does not show a fail, but a success! The Streamer Atrioc has tried a whole seven hours on the already well-known Boss Tree Sentinel, and untilever and again into the grass. Admittedly, Atrioc has also made himself harder – he does not have the horse torrent yet. And that can make the fight easier. The relief is atrioc written after beaten battle in the face: he almost laughs hysterical.

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Original message from February 27 2022: Veterans of the SoulSlike Genre know each other with absurd character tooth. Once not watched and already the almost dead boss actually picks up and sends its own hero to Nirvana. Now are honest, have you not experienced something yet? Then you are probably excellently trained by your many adventures with the games of the developer studio from software. The wide mass is not. And there is now that of George R. R. Martin Certified Elden Ring, therefore, the first soulslike with an open world, and enthusiastically enthusiastically of players who had nothing to hat with Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Demon’s Soul.

Elden Ring cashed without end dream rates and enjoys a lot of popularity on Twitch. There it does not matter that the curious scenes are more funny character todd. That’s why we call this point that we collect the vods in the comments in the comments in the intermediate streamer character to the intermediate ^^

Sodapoppin conjures up to death

Elden Ring Is An Easy Game
The well-known Streamer Sodapoppin has dedicated itself to one of the first smaller bosses in his livestream, which is running as a new character in Elden Ring over the way, the Tree Sentinel; By the way, unlike his name, he is not a tree, but a major knight in bright armor to horses.

Sodapoppin now plays a magically gifted character and has little problems with the melee attacks of the Tree Sentinels during the fight and for themselves. But when the boss almost bites the green grass of his surroundings, he emphasizes a counterattack, which sodapoppin has surprised hard – but look at it.

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What does it look like? Are you also in the Elden Ring fever and rides her on the back of Torrent through the impressively lively fantasy world? You have already laughed spontaneously if your streamers see fails or other challenges? Then hurt your heart so because you know exactly from your own soulslike experiences, what exactly the people at this moment goes through my head? If you want to share funny streamer vods with us, always in the comments! To home page

Fortnite: Marvel Crossover for five

The Epic Games Studios have created a platform with Fortnite, which has meanwhile have driven around the most diverse artists and video yields of other universes. Now it is not about playable characters or a live concert in the game.

Fortnite All Marvel and DC Crossover Trailers and Cutscenes (Season 1 - 17)

This time Marvel has announced the comic book series Fortnite X Marvel: Zero was announced, in which it should be about some islanders from Fortnite, which are caught in a seemingly infinite war. The only thing that can help is a crystallized fragment of the Zero Point, which was thrown into the Marvel Universe.

In the opinion of the Comic Editor Allana Smith, it says: “In the heart, it is an adventure series in which characters come together from both universes to compete a treasure hunt in the deepest, darkest width of the Marvel universe. It will be the ultimate team-up, in which the best of Fortnite and Marvel represent. “

Some of these characters are already on the coversite. Spider-Man, Wolverine and Shuri from Marvel and two heroes from Fortnite were shown so far now, there was a speech of a guest appearance of the Iron-Man. The whole thing will appear in June 2022.

Of course, Fortnite is still a game, so the players should not go empty. The first edition of each series of comic books will additionally include a code with which the players can acquire cosmetic items, one week after publication of the respective book, in the in-game shop.

Voici Craftopia, le Gumbo Buzzword Gaming!

The Indie Live Expo 2020 took place yesterday, and with it came a lot of game announcements. Craftopia, a fashionable word stew for the game that will come out next month. What fashionable words have been added to the pot, you may be asking for? All… all? Yes, all.

ENDLESS Automated MINING & SMELTING | Craftopia
Specifically, this game is a Sandbox, Open-World, Survival, Farming, Hack-And-Slash, Factory Management, Hunting, Fantasy RPG. There is also a crafting nestled somewhere, between Survival-Farming and Factory Management. Call the ambitious game would be the euphemism of the decade. It does not mean anything about the games uhhhh, visual influences.

Yes, the image above shows a very familiar paraglight. The rest of the graphics is a strange mix of models of anime characters and strangely real animals, combined with environments that meet in a way in the middle. There is no release date yet for the game, but an alpha closed begins next month. If you are interested in participating, simply retweet this ad and follow the developers on Twitter. The winners will be selected by draw after June 12, 2020. You can consult the trailer here.

Christmas arrives early with these sweet game offers

We are a week at Christmas, which means what are you doing?! Are you still shopping?! You’d better hurry, and fortunately we have incredible offers on fantastic games in which to get lost. Whether you have a PS4, an Xbox One or a new new generation console to buy, the Nintendo Switch or a PC player looking for a new adventure, we offer you good deals to lighten the burden of your wallet.. Looking to get started in the melee with an action running n ‘Gun? We have Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Fallout 76 and CyberPunk 2077 (There are only a few days!) Looking for impressive melee fights? Godfall, Ghost of Tsushima and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla are all here too! Discover all our offers below and thank us later when you find the perfect thing for the holidays!

Are there other interesting offers on the games we have missed and that we should know? Make sure to share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below to help your colleagues play this holiday season. If you are looking for excellent gaming accessories, be sure to check out the list of yesterday’s offers!

Rainbow Six Siege: There will be no major in the United Arab Emirates

Rainbow Six Siege was under the public look after announcing his calendar of Six Majors . There will be one in North America and another in Asia, but stressed that the United Arab Emirates ** would be the contest house in August. The reaction of both the community and members close to the organization was negative. Even a change.org was opened so that Ubisoft would reconsider the decision corresponding to the Major.

Ubisoft Leaves UAE for Rainbow Six: Siege Major After Backlash
Quickly putting the context, the United Arab Emirates suppose an unfriendly area for the LGBT community. Rainbow Six Siege is known for inclusion both inside and outside the game . His camera talent is diverse and open upon arrival of anyone, while agents also celebrate identity diversity. Then, a competition in Abu Dhabi was a bucket of cold water for everyone.

International comments came to ears of the right people. On February 22, the official account of Rainbow Six ESPORTS communicated from the adjustment at headquarters for the Six Major August 2022. In addition to elaborating in the process that gave way to the original ad.

Ubisoft planned to celebrate the community of the Middle East and North Africa , carrying Abu Dhabi to the Major. According to the official statement, there were conversations with teams, allies of the Esports area and country government. The intention was always guaranteeing the security of all participants, avoiding discrimination by their gender identity.

Although the best scenario for competition was sought, Ubisoft did not leave aside international voices. So he made the decision to move the headquarters of the Best of August to another Rainbow Six Siege region. To compensate, there will be regional competences and activations in the near future. The company does not want to ignore the development seen in the Middle East and North Africa.

There is still no place confirmed for international competition. Possibly we receive news over the next few months or on the eve of August.

The Chinese Publishers game steals, Korea Indie Developer was set forth

The healing game developed by the Indie Developer Faudomade in Korea was revealed to be unauthorized for the Chinese Publisher. The parties are where the mobile game is served as a market in China.

is a game of concepts to build resorts on the island and raise cats. Developer Father Made has discussed the Chinese entry of the game, and the Feder Made has been in contact with the Chinese side publisher zipper, and the “program executable file) of the game was communicated. The contract was made without the initial deposit, and about 3 months of the game on the local game, the Feder Made was notified by the Feder Made. Capitalize

In the early January, Federmade has found out how to find out the game, while I was looking for another Chinese publisher. In this process, Google Play and SMEs were selected for the ‘Housing Program’ supported by the SME Venture Department, and the opportunity to enter the game overseas.

The game called Cat Resort (Cat Resort) is currently being service on nine Chinese platforms, including Huawei, Witchhat, and Ticky. A total of three publisher names are found, most of which are the form of mobile games. The contract has been destroyed, but in China, the same game has been named .

Z is not confirmed whether the APK is developed and modulated, and that the APK is provided to the third party. China’s closed ecosystem condition, the padamade side is difficult to know specific damage.

Koreans steal traditional Chinese culture.Cultura china. Drama chinolay Chinese dramaTrung Quốc韓國偷漢服

“It’s a small-scale developer that you can do that”… “Requires a national dimension”

This game was selected for the selection of Korean Content Promotion Agency last November. The Feder Made was able to steal the game in China, while the Feder Made was confident with the game.

The Feder Made side is not to feel the unattended betrayal and deprivation in this currency. “It was a toughness to cudge in a small developer and is a difficult position for legal cope,” he said.

Until 2021, a former lawyer (law of law), who served as a professional committee of the Korea Safety Committee (Lawyer Act), “I have to make a contract, and I have to look at the contents, but when I saw a conventional situation, I could not be able to use it. “

“Copyright law infringement, operating secret infringement, etc., is a matter of crime, which is a civil and crime,” said, “The right to infringement is clear,” The right to infringement is clear, and in China. Suggestion.

In addition, the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party, and the National Camp of the KIF of the National Cam.


Saturn 3-for-2 Action: PS5 games like Horizon Forbidden West & Xbox

It is time to expand the “pile-of-shame” or maybe buy one or the other cracker for the best price – there is a 3-for-2 action for games and this time at Saturn. Here you can buy three games, but only pay two of them. Especially owners of a PS5 can buy a few absolute highlights cheaper.

As long as the action is: All offers are valid until 8 March 2022 or as long as stocks last. It is not unlikely that over time some games will be sold out.

This is how the action works: simply puts three games of the action side or game category in the shopping cart. There is then automatically deducted the cheapest of the games as a discount of the total price. Games that include action are marked on the product page with a blue “3-for-2” day. Pre-order and digital games are excluded from the action.

Our tip for action: Lets the best games in the shopping cart that are in a similar price segment. So you will receive the best possible discount.

Saturn 3-for-2 action on games __

Absolute game highlights for the best price

The 3-for-2 action is special this time, because you can buy one of the absolute top titles and Goty 2022 candidates significantly cheaper. The speech is of course from Horizon Forbidden West. The game is part of the action as well as PS4 and PS5 version.

Furthermore, Uncharted Legacy of Thieves is also part of the action like Call of Duty: Vanguard. Below we have searched for five games that count to action.

  • Horizon Forbidden West, PS5 / PS4
  • Cyberpunk 2077, PS4 / Xbox

HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 FULL GAME [4K 60FPS] - No Commentary
* Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition, PS5
* Uncharted Legacy of Thieves, PS5

  • Forza Horizon 5, Xbox

Elden ring is not yet there, but could follow the release.

Saturn 3-for-2 action on games __

More offers at Saturn

In addition to the 3-for-2 action, Saturn currently offers more top deals. Among other things, the new Saturn Prospekt includes a bundle for the Nintendo Switch, offers for 4K TVs and even more gaming deals.

All Saturn Prospekt Offers __

The offers listed here are provided with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase via one of these links your Uncharted Legacy supports: without the effect on the price we get a small commission from the provider.

There is a new biggest twitch streamer

For the first time, there has been a V-Tuberin to the top of Twitch . With a stream marathon it has managed Ironmouse to become the channel with the most active subscribers of the platform. Since already 17 days is the streamer without interruption online. But we do not know who hides behind Ironmouse. She hides her face behind a V-Tuber model \ – only the voice get audience to hear on Twitch.

How many active subscribers did Ironmouse collected?

According to the current numbers, Ironmouse is over 98,300 subscribers . No other channel currently has more. Thus, the V-Tuberin could have even names like XQC (82,000 subscriptions) or Hasanabi (53,000 subscriptions). At the same time, she was chosen on twitch at Meiterbeschunged woman . From the all-time record Ironmouse is still a bit removed. This was positioned by Ludwig with over 283,000 active subscribers in April 2021.

This Vtuber Just BROKE Records | Vtubers Burnout, Nijisanji Fan Concert, Ironmouse Largest Streamer

Why is Ironmouse live?

The V-Tuberin is just in the middle of a so-called subath . Here it has the viewers in the hand how long the transfer will take. Whenever Ironmouse is receiving a subscription or presented with a donation , the stream is extended by 15 seconds . In this way, the transfer has reached the day 17. An end is currently not in sight.

Many subscriptions were given away to viewers

Typical of a subath is the fact that fans support their streamer or their streamer in which they give away several paid subscriptions to viewers. According to the data from TwitchTracker, Ironmouse has received over 75,000 subscription gifts . In most cases, a subath has the consequence that after expiration of the month subscription, the numbers of active subscribers also break rapidly. A success is the stream but of course anyway.

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Michelin and collaboration full-scale! Restaurant Management Sim “Chef Life

Publisher NACON announced restaurant management simulation “ Chef Life-a Restaurant Simulator “.

This work is a simulation game that customizes a variety of elements such as kitchen equipment, staff, materials, menu creation, and sorting, as a restaurant management. This work is the first video game and collaborating with Michelin Guide. The rating system will be adopted as the Michelin criteria for the evaluation of cuisine in the game.

Are you a player’s freedom or player’s freedom to make your restaurant a locally loved restaurant or a third star restaurant. The player has the best quality in terms of food, provided dishes, and efficient management of table services, and must be careful with the budget, and improve the reputation of the restaurant.

This work has customized functionality, and players can customize cooking devices such as many avatars, cook conditions, food processors, ovens and create ideal kitchens. Cooking can be offered at the restaurant can also develop approximately 80 species from standard dishes such as French, Italian and other international dishes, and original recipes.

Cook: What it Takes to Make It in a Michelin-Starred Restaurant

It is dependent on the player who will be a restaurant that will finally be a restaurant that will finally aim to be a local restaurant or to get a star at Michelin, but to get a star, the high quality quality of the quality of the best cuisine You will have to do every effort to satisfy the most demanding customers.

This work is scheduled to be released on October 7 by PlayStation5 / PlayStation4 / Xbox SERIES X | S / Xbox ONE / Nintendose switch and PC.

Speech also does not support Japanese, but Japanese subtitles, UI also supports Japanese.

Velvet wrong decision: Halle wins at 1860 Munich

10 Years Ago: Thrilling DFB Cup Derby against TSV 1860 München!
Löwen coach Michael Köllner responds to the 1: 2 dynamography at TurkGücü with three Switches: Salger, Greilinger and Biankadi came to the starting eleven for Lang, Moll and Goden (all bank).

His opposite André Meyer compared to the 2-0 home win against Zwickau on continuity and sent the same starting race.

Many fouls and little game flow in the first round

The game was baves bins from the beginning and also often interrupted. Of course that bothered the play flow and so both teams rarely came to long ball chains, such as the lions in the 14th minute or hall in the 29.. Rather, it has been started up again and again – both teams forced the opponent to ball losses.

Only Eberwein in the initial phase (12th) was halfway dangerous for the HFC, divide a sharp flank (20.). Nothing happened until the half-time break, but the impartial Patrick Old zückte twice the yellow card: Fully (24.) and Salger (45.) were warned.

shcherbakovski breaks the spell

The second round had to offer much more compared to the first. First, it was Eberwein back dangerously (53.), only a little later, Shcherbakovski’s shot to the HFC leadership in the gate (54.). A corner of Kreuzer landed under detours at the 10er of the HFC. The lions were not hanging and had almost the direct answer, Bankadi missed a cross of Lex Haarscharf (57th).

In the episode, the game remained dual-fighting, the impartial Patrick old longed twice in the chest pocket: Kreuzer (57.) and Belkahia (61.) were warned. At the lion, however, the yellow well was the smaller evil, because at the same time old was pointing to the point. For a pass that actually not should have been punished: Biankadi played the ball against Huth, the striker then fell to the ground. Incorrect penalty, Eberwein ultimately turned safely (62.).

Löwen-Coach Köllner stopped offensively and brought Goden, Tallig and Linsbichler. It was also tallerously, which deposited in the 74. strongly on Neudecker. His teammates failed at the HFC final writer. In the final phase, Deichmann then had a good opportunity (80th), but overall the lion lacked the offensive breakthrough force. So the victory for the HFC was ultimately earned, though the penalty was a wrong decision.

Halle enlarged the distance to the relegation places on six points, the TSV remained in ten rank ten. The Munich are at Zwickau on Saturday (2 pm). The Sachsen-Anhaltiner welcomes Waldhof Mannheim at the same time.

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