Even before the Launch of Lost Ark in Europe and North America, the community discussed a supposed censorship , which Amazon has done specifically for the Western version. And in fact it has given a change in some places in the MMO. Whether this is censorship is currently in the center of the community debate . We introduce you to a few changes from Lost ARK .

Different classes have new starter outfits

Even with the character creation, first differences can be seen. Accordingly, the starter outfits have been adapted to some female classes. The costumes are no longer so free here, as is the case on the server in Korea or Russia. However, the liberal outfits were not entirely away from the game. According to Amazon , the original clothing can continue to be found as a Loot in the game world. In the forum there is some comparison pictures to see.

Editor presets have been adjusted

Like many other MMOs, Lost Ark also offers a comprehensive character editor . Here players can not only decide for their class, but also for the look of their figure. Numerous presets are available – but the selection differs significantly clearly from the template. Behind this is the attempt by Amazon, more Diversity in Lost Ark to accommodate.

For example, in the EU / Na version, for example, more presets of figures with Western facial moves or dark skin color can be found. Why in the editor as many templates with Asian facial features were removed, Amazon has not revealed. Fans find this action a bit questionable – after all, you could just have more choices. Some missing presets can be postponed in the editor.

Developer also revised some NPCs in the game world

Amazon did not just want to accommodate diversity not only in character editor, but also in the existing game world by Lost Ark. For this reason, various NPCs were provided with new clothing or sometimes even a new skin color. Criticism, however, is mainly due to the quality of the implementation whose shortcomings also complain about this streamer.

Lost Ark West : Censored & Bl@cked
In Twitch clip, there is the revision of Ezrebet to see. Compared to the Korean original , the figure for the Western version has received a dark skin color. However, Ezrebet also has a mysterious-shiny enclosure, which is either a bug or bad job. Do you disturb the changes for Lost Ark in the West?

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